News 24 Amir Assets a guide to a & # 39; addressing the causes of power distribution of 500 participants in Balqarn


ArchivePrince Turki bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz, prince of the Asir area, gave a face to Wednesday on the causes of power distribution in several centers and towns of the Balqarn division; Following the weather changes and severe storms seen by the continent in the last few days.

The area's Emirate said in the statement that this service came from a total of around 500 support staff in a number of divisional centers and towns, where the emergency teams and the maintenance of the Saudi Electric Company's site are These breaks and some were repaired.

The climate situation will also be stressed for the repair and replacement of some of the tools and equipment required in the main network, require a programmable chapter of the main line so that the team can deal with the current situation.

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