News 24 An amazing thing for a family in the courtyard … Finding a child not hanging in his room with a hunter .. And his father tells of the disaster


DefinitionAl-Baha got a tough event where one of the families was found, after his baby was hanged by a "carger" and hanged by a wheel inside his room.

The child's father reported the disaster, saying that his 11-year-old son was investigating in the sixth grade. He prayed in the evening and went into his room after playing with the cable cable. South Westerly

His father said that his son was very fair and respectful for everyone. Sometimes he was cited in the mosque. He did not know any worry before he did not follow electronic games trying for violence, saying he had an interest in his co-workers and had to break it rapidly after an hour before an accident.

His father asked the news to tell his son well and not be accused of being killed, especially that he was not better than sports and playing as other children, and no one could believe without dying the door of the door or not blocking the wire's wire while & # 39; as he was attached to him, but God Almighty, Will He Pray at the Afternoon of Mosque Mufarijah and will be a cemetery in the Khuwait cemetery.

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