News 24 Children of fattened mothers are susceptible to liver disease and obesity


PhotographInspectors at the University of Colorado, the United States inspected a recent study that infants born to dead mothers, are susceptible to liver disease and famine.

The study, based on an examination of the relationship between maternal obesity and childhood obesity and liver disease, was based on a group of children with average average age. A group was divided into two sections: one for fattened mothers and the other for mothers with a normal weight.

The researchers took stool specimens from the two groups' babies and put them in mice and bacteria with rats.

The researchers noted that behavioral microscopy were in the births of children born to overweight mums that affect metabolism, liver cells and bone mumps in the mice.

When they were eating mice with a fat diet, those mice were likely to be able to; rapid stress and developing a severe and unhealthy disease compared to a & # 39; other group.

"This study is the first to show the changing diminishing bone of the baby's early stages of child obesity," said the team leader Taylor Soderberg.

"This test supports the view that there are changes in tiny microbanks in babies born to fattened mothers and just start after birth," said Soderborg, saying that the microban can Diet, which changes nature according to fat mothers, other changes in children's disease, Obesity and ungredicable sediment.

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