News 24 "Lost in the UK" … A natural and courageous study (video)


PhotographMany foreign travelers and "flaukers" who use social media as a platform to provide their knowledge, are a fertile range of Saudi Arabia research, with bilingual depth and cultural heritage and geographic

Gateway, through his finger in Saudi Arabia, used four with a strong presence in social media in the West, Brendan Hayward, Jay Alvarez, Johnny FB and Casey Stewart, to explore the kingdom.

The four met to September last year and, within 10 days, they moved between a number of different regions of the United Kingdom, and all are different types of nature, geography, land, culture and clothing.

Hayward published a video on YouTube which includes the knowledge that he described one of the most affluent and interactive walks he made in the country, as he called, which led to secret investigation and investigation.

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