News 24 Parents are responsible for children's slavery in smart devices. This method of punishment (video)


PhotographKuwaiti's leading professor of education, Professor Ibrahim Al-Khulaifi, said it was a parent and children that made people take away from smart appliances, demonstrating that parents are owners on smart tools and that they have legal responsibility and not children.

Al-Khulaifi, family counselor and university professor, explained that the child who is sitting three times or more than the horrific error tools that adversely affect his life, has grown and grown, which causes mental illness, monastic disputes and stress and the construction of cerebral pulses to the degree of cowardice. And believing that smart devices have enough time.

Al-Khulaifi said that there is a distinction between "punishment" and "influence". He would rather introduce the child by marrying the wedding by influencing his impact and actions. If an error, such as internet poverty or day to day expenditure, occurs, indicates the importance of a parent-child conversation language.

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