News 24 Partnership: Saudi Prisoner revived to Houthi militia, suffering from poor health


PhotographAs a result of Cooperation forces efforts to support Yemen's faithful and Special Conservative Secretary General to Yemen Martin Griffith, Saudi Prisoner, First Soldier Musa bin Shu & # 39; ai Awaji, compensated for his health and healthcare need for Houthi militia.

The spokesman spokesman, Turki al-Maliki, who arrived at 21:45 on Tuesday afternoon to King Salman, founded in Riyadh, was the first soldier of Musa bin Shuai Awaji.

He also stated that, as a result of the efforts associated with the United Nations General Secretary General to Yemen, the headteacher agreed to discharge Saudi prison release 7 elements detained Huthi, saying that this is part of the ambition of the leader to reclaim Saudi prisoner and in accordance with the Third Treaty of Geneva In relation to the treatment of prisoners of war as well as the values ​​and principles of humanity, and the efforts that have been committed to the rest of the prisoners are renewed from the partnership agencies.

Maliki said that the campaigns between prisoners and carers do not get a big deal with her; Hulli militia, where he was constantly influenced by Huthi's legend, and attempted to gain political or military benefits without being able to; regard to humanity.

He said that the Huthi militia still keeps thousands of Yemeni people, including political, social and military leaders, with the former Prime Minister of Defense Yemeni, Major General Mahmoud al-Subaihi, which included the Security Council's resolution (2216/2015).

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