News 24 "The artery": Will the day come when the girl herself married in the UK? .. and a lawyer will respond


Photograph"It is not possible in the kingdom," said solicitor Abdullah al-Mayouf in answer to a question about the ability to marry the girl herself, saying he was against the public opinion.

Dawood Al-Sharian posed a question during his program on Wednesday afternoon on the "sbc" channel, to Abdullah Al-Mayouf, in which he said: Will the day marry his daughter in the Kingdom? “I think this will be far away… because I don't think they will be public opinion but in narrow situations,” he said.

On the issue of "girls' muscles" who prepared the program in yesterday's session, Al-Meyouf asked the Public Prosecution to start legal proceedings against those who prove to him that he had broken marriage of the girl under her pardon, showing that it must be followed in the teaching of Hanbali, the fugitive should be punished.

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