News 24 Watch … So the Royal Commission is watching "air quality" in the Yanbu business climate


PhotographThe Royal Commission of Yanbu Industrial City has shown how it monitors the quality of the air around in the air; city, states that it has maintained air quality and metadata data since the 1980s, until it became a major reference to scientific research centers in the United Kingdom.

Since its inception, the Commission has ensured the safety and health of humans and its convenience between business development and sustainable environmental development, and has set up and set up a set of quality quality control stations in the world in a scientific and thoughtful way.

He has recently set up six plants to build on the stations he built since its inception. The plant is in residential neighbors to measure the level of emissions from factories.

The plant monitors the elements of nitrogen oxides, oxide sulbhur, transient organic compounds, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, suspended granules, ozone, as well as acne; monitoring weather conditions such as temperature, wind speed, wind direction Water and the intensity of sunscreen and air pressure.

There are five steps to measure the quality of air:

1. Plug air through the sensor into the station to measure air quality and air quality.

2. The sample is drawn from the air directly divided into several tanks to reduce the moisture in the air.

3. Then the air will pass through seizures to remove the neurons before entering into their quality games.

4 – Each station has several devices, each to measure the part of the gas emissions, each station is capable of measuring the part of the gas emissions. including a storage unit of data around.

5. The readings currently viewed are analyzed and compared to international adult quality standards.

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