News: 25 year olds kill parents, grandmother and grandfather and an uncle with an ax


A look at the most important news:

  • Line buyers receive millions back – due to delayed training (2: 21f)
  • A five-year-old man in Hesse (1:32 p.m.)
  • It is a US Warrior: Germany is to speak to the USA (11.33 clocks)
  • 16-year-old United States on her pregnant mother (10.42 clocks)
  • The holes are very prominent among students (8.42 m)

News about the day in town starticker:

+++ 15.15 Clock: Slavic convicted for Afghan attack protest +++

A Swedish student was convicted of complaining that Afghan's claimant was issued. Due to the fact that its campaign delayed an airplane to withdraw Afghan from Sweden, and in the court scene in Gothenburg, he fought on air safety regulations, a fine of € 285 to the socialist Monday morning. Elin Ersson, 21, has received a movie on board the Turkish Airlines machine in July 2018 and broadcast live on the internet. It was expected that the device would go from Gothenburg to Istanbul. Ersson was involved in a friendship with Afghan Sanctuary, who was to be removed.

+++ 14:56: The family's son got an ax – shocked in Sofia +++

The whole slaughter of a whole family scandalizes Bulgaria: It is said that a man has killed his parents, his grandmother and his brother said by an ax, police. The four groups were found in their home in Novi Iskar on the outskirts of Sofia, after the father did not work for two days. The motions were not clear at first. The police arrested a suspected 25-year-old. Family neighbors told the "24 Chassa" newspaper that the young person has mental health problems. In Novi Iskar, there was no family family at six times but in the beginning of 2018.

+++ 14:46: A student wants protection against the +++ obstacle

It is anticipated that the debate that prevents the & # 39; Bringing in lectures at the University How to enter a new tour. She "legally" to act against her & # 39; banned, the influenced student, converted to Islam German, said the "Kieler Nachrichten". A number of lawyers in the case have already accepted it. A society that supports people who can believe religiously to support them financially.

University How the right was suspended by saying that the minimum requirements for communication in research, teaching and administration included not only the word but also the scenes and word movements. The student, who is faced with a nikab (facial facial), called the argument "over, symbolic and unintentional." She will consider having a & # 39; use the "Nikab" first and an improvement service that I will bring closer to God. "

+++ 14:43: SPD is proposed by a social program for European ++ ++

With the recommendations of social policy reform, SPD has its own proposal for European elections on May 26. The party wanted a "European social that invests in the future and social security," said Katarina Barley, a leading applicant in Berlin. An active SPD committee resolved unanimously on a coherent selection program. "Everywhere in Europe, people should be able to keep their hands," said Eaird. In EU countries, the minimum salary of 60 per cent of the average salary should be created, in Germany the minimum wage salary should be increased to 12 euros. To come to devolve minimum tax rates of SPD and digital tax.

+++ 14:31 clock: Turkey: Again terrorist suspicion – 800 per week +++

In Turkey, over two and a half years after the 2016 coup campaign, the series of terrorist observers is not arrested; stop. On Monday only about 30 people were imprisoned again, as said by the state journalist Anadolu. Everything was linked to the movement of the people in the Islamic preacher of Fehtullah Gülen. The Turkish government is sending a & # 39; blamed Gülen for the coup coup. The new motions follow one of the biggest jobs; from 2016 with over 1,100 arrest warrants last week. Counting each corresponding Anadolu reciting this week, at least 800 people were held on Monday.

+++ 14:21: Railway customers get millions back – in terms of training delay +++

A few minutes can be too many: if the ICE comes too long, the attachment train is away, and you wait for an hour or more on the platform. Due to dispute, the railways need to pay compensation. In the last year, there were 53.6 million passengers in local transport and long distance, as spokesman of the Deutsche Bahn Group said. Railway customers were able to pay 34.6 million barley back in the previous year. There are more and more passengers using their rights: the passenger rights form ended 2.7 million last year, 50 per cent higher than in 2017. The average compensation amount also arises: just under 20 years in 2018, compared to just about 19 experts in the previous year.

Video: Deutsche Bahn wants to be regular

There are many railway companies involved in the compensation system, not just Deutsche Bahn. However, most of the amount is usually a & # 39; refers to long-distance transport, which guides almost exclusively on its & # 39; state-owned company. One of four trains came far too long in 2018. The railway stressed many external impacts: storms, heavy water, electronic and deceptive strikes to traffick the trains. In addition, a line was closed after the fire in ICE and a warning strike in December.

The compensation is applicable: If the passenger arrives at least one hour later, if requested, he will recover one quarter of the fare. From two hours he is half.

+++ 14.04 clock: After the Nuremberg knife attack: people who are suspected of mental illness +++

After a knife invasion of a young woman in Nuremberg, the procurator's office has applied for those who are suspected of an in-hospital hospital. According to the current state, the 25-year wide mental illness, the procurator in Nuremberg, said. It is suspected that Iraq, who came to Germany as a child in the 1990s, was a 21-year-old woman with a knife and wounded. Some time later he was arrested at Nuremberg hospital. The complaint is based on murder attempts.

+++ 13:44: Survey by European elections to see important benefits in rectangular populists +++

Nearly a hundred days before European elections, a survey of Germany and the other EU member states have been analyzed. See important benefits in the people on the right and right. According to the vote issued by the EU Parliament today, the ENF (European Nations and Independence) group is the very best winner of the election. So, his parliamentary body would Up to 59 seats with 22 extra orders and so the force was the fourth strongest. In the distribution of German conditions, the AfD could record the greatest benefits and would represent the place one with twelve MPs in the EFDD (European freedom and democracy only).

Throughout Europe, the EPP Group (European People's Party) was the strongest force in the European Parliament, but instead of 217, it would only take 183 sets. Even the Social Alliance of Social Democrats (S & D) lost the only place in 186 but only 135 parliamentarians. Alde Liberatic shocked Alde is the most powerful fourth, with the third strongest (75 instead of the current 68 seats), with little benefit. With the German distribution, CDU / CSU parties at the Christian Democratic Group would be able to; Continue a majority with 29 instead of 34 seats. A Green Group with 18 sets from Germany, became the largest MP in Germany. The SPD would have 15 instead of 27 MPs in the S & D group, and # 39; means the largest force in Germany. The FDP would have eight sets to see Alde, and also the left side eight in the GUE / NGL group.

+++ 13:32: Finding rescues in Hesse with a huge bid for five years +++

Rescuers in northern Hesse are looking for a woman missing in the Fulda and on land, a girl who is missing five years. From yesterday's afternoon, when she was with her mother in a playground on the river in Guxhagen, she did not find all her search, as the police told Homberg today. Fears in Fulda also look for the little girl.

Yesterday, by police, there were around 280 campaigning organizations involved in the research. In the evening, a railway line and tunnel were found for comment. The traffic of the railway was stopped in a short time. Today the search was carried out. Among other things, it is studied 14.5 kilometers distance of the Fulda.

+++ 13:29: Palace on a balcony of the Syrian family in Magdeburg +++

After the burning of a balcony of a Syrian family who lived in a room-room in Magdeburg, the police decided. According to the officers, the flames were found late on Sunday afternoon and were destroyed by the fire department. The family and other people living in the building of chambers in the English-Anhalt capital were removed from the outside.

At almost all time; Burning a car in the same street, in this case, b & # 39; violence is the cause. The relationship between the two tasks was similar, it was said. The search would be done on either side. Evidence witnesses should contact us.

+++ 13:25: An unusual drug control process started in France +++

Six years after getting a cabin at a airport in the Dominican Republic, Aix-en-Provence, the southern part of France, has started the anti-nine drug trafficking system organized. It is stated that not; they got drugs away to France in a private jet. An awareness case in 2013 under the title "Air Cocaïne". In March, the two pilots at private plane and the two travelers were arrested at the Punta Cana airport in the Dominican Republic, after 680 kilograms of cocktails were found on board. The plane was going to be off for Saint-Tropez. Five months later, the French were convicted to 20 years imprisonment. While they were & # 39; waiting for their appeal process, the two pilots got to France. One of the two travelers was allowed to leave there legally.

The accused still says they did not know about 26-carriages that were on board the plane. Some of the defendants need to respond to at least two drug drugs in the months before they have been detected. At this time, only the client who has a complaint is in custody.

+++ 13:22: A student wants to go ahead of the full University Verschleierungsverbot How +++

After a breakthrough at the University of Kiel, the student who has taken this decision in action wants to take legal action against him. The rationalization is "foolish, symbolic and unavoidable," said a young woman whose newsletter "Kieler Nachrichten". The fundamental law puts pressure on personal freedom, patience and diversity, and added to it. By the end of January, the university in the Schleswig-Holstein capital was not banned in full speeches in speeches and exams after attempting to fight the previous woman. According to "Kieler Nachrichten" she had appeared in a lecture and the lecturer asked the university's governance to clarify after the incident.

According to his newspaper, the young woman is a student changed to Islam. The Association of the University of Germany was already early in 2017 to prevent Ganzkörperverschleierungen in designated courses. This is appropriate for identifying candidates and the importance of non-verbal communication.

+++ 12:59 clock: Ribéry football star for his father's fifth journey + ++

The Franck Ribéry (35) football star was happy about the birth of her fifth child. So, the Bayern Munich attacker was present today when he left his team for his / her. match against Liverpool. The name and nature of the child are still unknown.

Both of them were as long as they were children: Hiziya's daughters and Shakinez and their sons, Saif and Mohammed. Franck Ribéry has played for FC Bayern since 2007, four of the five children were born at this time.

+++ 12:54 cloc: a beautiful polite network built +++

A group of police police officers, who say that older people and taken to at least 500,000 euros, have gone to the police network. A week ago, 20 suspicions were identified, as Criminal Police Heilbronn has now been announced. Three of the main prosecutors who have been in protest are arrested, two others have been released for arrest, and one of them still has been arrested; travel.

Highly moving – according to well organized policing – a group worked in several areas of Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse. Find inquiries of seven items in four federal states of evidence – gold, gold bins, medals, silver and high quality watches. Two decades have been identified so far. The people would sit according to the information in Turkey. On a telephone show of the party that was cited as emergency number 110. The audiences had investigated the phone book for their first name; older pronunciation and most of the single women, as the police said.

+++ 12:50: A German politician should have previously been the sister of Vienna Vienna Cardinal +++

The Viennese Bishop Christine Christoph Schönborn has been protesting to a long-term German politician to have his sister's sexual harassment. The man had been involved in a hunting trip in Austria's Schruns, Schönborn said in an interview with Austria's news agency. Schönborn did not name one name. "My sister used to be in the same restaurant with friends and when she used the stage there, the politician came in. She was in the house alone, and He started to put her hair on her and press her hard, "said Schönborn, According to APA, this is a prime minister. While today was the result, it was Seeing it as a serious crime, said the diocese.

+++ 12:49: Seven British MPs leave a +++ Labor Party

In the UK, seven of the Labor Party left challenging. They responded to their degree to the treatment of party leader Jeremy Corbyn with the Arbitration and anti-Semitism shoes. The representatives of Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger, Ann Coffey, Angela Nic a 'Ghobhainn, Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes and Gavin Shuker are now in attendance; Try to create individual lengths in the lower house and call themselves "The Independent Group".

+++ 12.40 cloc: Israel wants to send & # 39; first survey of moon +++

Israel wants to send a search to his / her spell for his & # 39; first Friday night. The small "Beresheet" probe is carried by Falcon 9 of the SpaceX space company with Tesla boss Elon Musk. The immersion is planned at 02.45 CET from Cape Canaveral space space in Florida, Israel Space Space Israel said. The route is expected to be away seven weeks later on April 11. "Beresheet" is the Hebrew name of Genesis in the Bible.

+++ 12:05: The dangers of the US will focus on aspects of car manufacturers +++

The higher fear of accidents that are close to the US has emphasized the categories of German bearers on Monday. BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen pressures came under pressure in the morning with between 0.7 and 1.6 percent. Some of the Continental supplier also lost 0.9 per cent. At the same time, the Dax lost about a quarter percent.

The federal government expects a review from the US Department of Commerce to come to its presence; concluded that the imbalance of cars in Europe with Europe's national security threats. Without this, the US President Donald Trump could submit special targets in relation to the inclusion of cars and parts.

+++ 11:33: withdrawing warriors IS: Germany wants to talk to the US +++

Germany wants to confirm the United States that it is hard to be able to; including being arrested in Syrian troops from Militia Territis Islamic State (IS). "As easy as you are thinking in America, it is (…) sure," said the Irish Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) on the boundaries of a European meeting. That's why they talk to the United States. "The legal situation is that the German people have the right to reinstall," said Maas. But, "at this time, there is little opportunity to ensure that Syria's currents have a German influence".

Trump has asked European countries such as Germany, France and Britain to get and sing more than 800 MP troops captured in Syria. If the relatives do not respond, the people should be released after Trump's request. So the Islamists are citizens of European states that have linked to the IS in recent years and were then arrested in conflict against US troops or their supporters.

+++ 10:47 clock: Hold the SPD: not just an application, and apply +++

The Greens have requested the SPD not only to require social justice and fair taxes, but also to act as a regulatory party. "It is very important that the SPD will now debate more than the social case and fair taxes," said party leader Robert Habeck, the German Press Press Group. "It would be even better if she only advises bills, but also works where she can."

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz has imposed fairness and tax visibility in Europe for large companies such as Apple and Amazon, a digital tax reduction, not participating in the European Commission's proposal to Google sales tax or Apple as other companies. "If the Social Democrat Party is trying to re-establish a social justice and a fair tax, that's good, and it would be important to set it in the government to implement it," said Habeck.

Video: Finding an understanding - a partnership committee will be able to; counseling in Berlin

+++ 10.42 gleoc: sick mind 16-year-old Sustainable mother +++

On her pregnant mother's bank, a 16-year-old girl in Bad Salzuflen has been converted twice with a knife. "We accept that she is mentally ill," said spokesman for procurator Detmold. According to the inspectors, the 41-year-olds and her child were to be saved.

The act was done Saturday afternoon in a mother's house. The German now lives in closed psychology. It is alleged that she & she; trying to kill someone, among other things. At the time of crime, brothers' brothers were present at home. There were several media reported on the case.

+++ 10.16 cloc: a 32-year-old woman killed in a Frankfurt + + + knife attack

At Frankfurt am Main, a 32-year-old woman was killed in a road. As suspicion was held on Monday night, her sweetheart in the south of Hesse, the police said. So, she was attacked by a woman with a knife.

Residents had heard ears in the Frankfurt area in Bockenheim late on Sunday afternoon and frightened the police. When the officers arrived, the 32 year old was dead. The procurator fiscal first fled. But the 35-year-old was arrested by police officers in the south of Hesse two times after the crime. It will be shown to the Monday morning. The exact background was not clear.

+++ 10:11 clock: two killed in a helicopter crash in Norway +++

Two people were found dead back in Norway since a helicopter shipwreck. The corpses were found after the helicopter dropped on arable ground on Sunday afternoon on the road from Røldal to Karmøy, a southern Viking area rescue service said. No others were aboard. According to Norwegian radio, the dead are a man and a woman aged 40 to 50. One reason for the accident was still clear. The crash site lies in the southwest of Norway between the towns of Bergen and Stavanger.

+++ 9.35 cloc: Over half of the people aged 20 to 24 are secondary + ++

In Germany, over half of the 20- to 24-year-olds graduated from secondary school. In 2017, a & # 39; A proportion of people with Fachhochschul- or Hochschulreife in this age group are 53 per cent, as reported by the Scottish Statistical Office at the time of educational shows. Thus, 58 per cent of women had a high school and 49 per cent of men.

According to the statistics office, among the 60 to 64 year olds, there was only one quarter (26 per cent) college or university induction certificate. Among them, compared to the youngest secondary graduates, more people (30 per cent) than women (23 per cent). In Germany, in 2017, the Abitur was just under one third (32 per cent) of the 15-year-olds. 23 per cent had another median degree and 30 per cent secondary diploma as the highest standard education.

+++ 9.17 cloc: test against former AfD head of AfD Petry suspected that his / +++ lawsuit

In Dresden, on Monday, she started a lawsuit against the chairman of AfD who, Previously, Frauke Petry, who suspects a riot. Petry must respond to the local court because of the claim that he has submitted a vow in a meeting of the Saxon Landtag Election Supervisory Board in November 2015.

At that time, the committee responded to " Provides loans with AFD party parliamentary candidates for the party. Therefore, the 2014 state election campaign should be supported. On the first day of the trial, three witnesses were convened for questioning. For their work, seven days of testing are scheduled for March 13. The process will happen due to the population that is expected to be in the # 39; district court, but in the construction of a Higher Regional Court in Dresden.

+++ 9:11: Report: Over 1,000 Iraqi IS volunteers fled in Iraq +++

Over 1000 supporters fled from the Islamic State terrorist militia (IS) from Syria to Iraq. There could be up to 200 million US dollars in cash here, and they reported to the CNN station, announcing non-defining US military delegates.

Kurdish leadership troops in the eastern part of Syria are currently attacking her & her; Last IS cover in a civil war country. In the Baghus town they were able to spread the last remaining warriors. Among the landlords should also be many foreigners. Kurds had said in the past that they had a suspicion that the border town was linked to Iraq through tunnels. A satellite image also shows a large crowd moving to the countryside near the end of January.

Federal News Service: "Investigate biomass from abroad and warn in time" - BND headquarters opened

+++ 9:09: China is still the most important trading partner of Germany +++

China is still the most important trading partner in the Federal Republic. Last year, according to the original estimates, goods worth € 199.3 billion were different from Germany and the Republic of the Republic, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden. So the trading measure includes export and export.

According to information, China is the most important trading partner in the & # 39; Germany for the third year after it – after the Flight with a trade of 189.4 billion euros and the United States with a measure of 178 billion euros. As in previous years, he was the most important buyer of US German material last year. Therefore, goods worth 113.5 billion euros were transferred to the United States. In the second and third place, according to the French Statistics, with 105.3 billion euros and China with 93.1 billion euros.

+++ 8.42 m: Inspection: The holes are very evident among pupils and students +++

According to the current "RTL / n-tv Trend Barometer", the Greens are clearly the largest force among young people, especially among students. According to the results of the Forces Institution survey published on Monday, 43% of pupils and students would be choosing Green Green, and only eleven per cent would vote for the Union and the SPD.

In a group of people aged 18 to 29, Greens also have the strongest force with a 27 per cent division. They are in this organization clearly ahead of the Union with 22 per cent and SPD with 13 per cent.

Force leader, Manfred Güllner, explained that young people were very excited by the social state reforms published by the SPD, or with the course that had been launched. A growing system of Union in the policy. The second is a command according to Force even more likely to be & # 39; Transfer from voters from Union to Greens. In addition, the Union and the SPD suffered from getting older than their constituents.

+++ 8.35m: The US is the single most important market for German exchanges +++

The US is the only most important market for German exports, despite all banners from the Trump government. Products made in Germany amounted to € 113.5 billion to the country last year, 1.5 per cent more than a previous year, as measured by the Federal Statistical Office. According to information from the Wiesbaden authorities, France and the Chinese Republic of China have not yet changed the second and third largest countries for the largest economy in Europe.

Above, German automotive production needs motor vehicles and vehicles. To a large extent most of its contents were from its & # 39; Germany in 2018. With a total of around 199.3 billion euros – ie exports and exchanges – China is the most important trading partner of China. Germany for the third time in continuity.

+++ 8.33 cloc: Yemen: agreement on the start of the armies from the important city +++

After weeks of delay, Yemen's war parties have agreed on the start of the soldiers agreed unanimously from the Hudaida ports. Speaking at the weekend, "important progress" was achieved, the UN said on Sunday (local time) in New York. After long but helpful negotiations, find the parties to the conflicts of his / her agreement; first phase of the pull. The date of the beginning of the product was not mentioned.

The Hudaida port in the west of Yemen is at the heart of the province of war. The internationally-known government and the Houthi rebels had agreed in December on peace talks in Sweden when they left for Hudaida and his / her. take them away. Bu chòir seo a bhith air a thoirt gu buil ro thoiseach na bliadhna, ach gu ruige seo dh'fhàillig e air sgàth ana-earbsa.

+++ 8.17 cloc: Bidh Comann Malairt a 'toirt rabhadh mu bhith a' cur às do na bailtean mòra Gearmailteach +++

Tha an Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE) air rabhadh a thoirt an aghaidh a bhith a 'cur às do bhailtean mòra Gearmailteach air beulaibh bùithean falamh ann am meadhan bhailtean. Tha mòran de na bailtean mòra "ann an droch staid" agus ann an iomadh àite cha bhiodh ach beagan dhaoine a 'faighinn an slighe gu sònaichean luchd-coiseachd agus blocaichean bùthan, a' toirt iomradh air "Passauer Neue Presse" Àrd-oifigear an HDE, Stefan Genth. Chuir seo a-mach e fhèin ann an litir teine ​​don mhinistear taobh a-staigh agus togail Horst Seehofer (CSU).

B 'iad na prìomh adhbharan airson an leasachaidh shiostaman reic ann am bùth-reic air-loidhne. Mar sin, tha àrdachadh mòr ann an dreuchdan bàna ann an grunnan bhailtean an-dràsta. A rèir a 'chomainn, thuit àireamh nan stòran bùtha sa Ghearmailt le 11,000 eadar 2012 agus 2017.

+++ 6:57: Ceathrar saighdearan Innseanach a chaidh a mharbhadh ann am batal ann an roinn Kashmir +++

Chaidh co-dhiù ceithir saighdearan Innseanach a mharbhadh ann an cath le reubaltaich ann an sgìre Kashmir. Chaidh saighdear eile a ghoirteachadh gu mòr san teine ​​Diluain air ais ann an sgìre Pulwama, thuirt oifigear poileis AFP. Is dòcha gun robh na reubaltaich air teicheadh.

San roinn, chaidh 41 feachd tèarainteachd a mharbhadh Diardaoin ann am bomadh fèin-mharbhadh. B 'e seo an ionnsaigh as truime air feachdan an riaghaltais anns a' phàirt Innseanach de sgìre Kashmir airson trì deicheadan. Bha am buidheann Islamach Jaish-e-Mohammed, stèidhichte ann am Pacastan a bha faisg air làimh, ag ràdh gun robh an gnìomhachd dhaibh fhèin. Chuir an arm Innseanach air bhog an dèidh ionnsaigh air obair mhòr gus luchd-crìochnachaidh a lorg.

+++ 6:57: A 'strì an aghaidh luchd-craiceann 50 cents? Rannsachaidhean an aghaidh poileas +++

Seach gu bheil e ag ràdh gun do chuir e co-oibrichean an aghaidh an 50 rap, an uair sin, tha poileas New York air rannsachaidhean a dhèanamh a-staigh an aghaidh oifigear. Thuirt neach-labhairt Didòmhnaich (àm ionadail) an "Neach-aithris Hollywood". Thathar ag ràdh gu bheil am poileas air a ràdh ris a cho-oibrichean an-uiridh gum bu chòir dhaibh an rapper a mharbhadh ma chunnaic iad e. An uairsin bha dùil ris an neach-ciùil ("Get Rich Or The Tryin") tachartas bogsaidh, mar a chaidh aithris air na meadhanan.

"Tha mi a 'toirt gu mòr an cunnart seo," sgrìobh 50 Cent air Instagram. "Is e an rud duilich gu bheil an duine fhathast a 'giùlan a bhràthar agus a' bhana-airm." Dh'innis an t-oifigear poileis don làrach-lìn "" gun robh na h-aithisgean ceàrr. A rèir New York Daily News, tha an duine air a bhith an urra airson 30 bliadhna. Bu chòir dha fuireach ann an gnìomh gus crìoch a chur air na sgrùdaidhean a-staigh

+++ 5.03 gleoc: tha Röttgen a 'diùltadh tagradh Trump do luchd-dùbhlain Eòrpach +++

Tha an neach-poileataigs CDU, Norbert Röttgen, air casg a chuir air iarrtas bho Cheann-suidhe na SA Dòmhnall Trump gu na h-Eòrpaich a bhith a 'toirt air ais luchd-cogaidh Cèin. Bha an t-iarrtas "nach eil cuideachail ann an tònaichean agus susbaint," thuirt cathraiche Comataidh Cùisean Cèin a 'Bhundestag den "Passauer Neue Presse" (deasachadh Diluain). "Feumaidh sinn an duilgheadas seo fhuasgladh còmhla, agus ma shoirbhicheas tu uallach a-rithist is a-rithist, chan e dòigh adhartach, adhartach a tha sin."

Crìochan na SA le Mexico: Tha Trump ag innse èiginn airson togail balla

Trump hatte die Europäer aufgefordert, ihre bei Kämpfen gegen die Dschihadistenmiliz Islamischer Staat (IS) in Ostsyrien gefangengenommenen Staatsbürger zurückzunehmen, um ihnen in ihrer Heimat den Prozess zu machen. Sonst müssten die USA sie freilassen, woraufhin damit zu rechnen sei, dass die Kämpfer nach Europa "eindringen", schrieb der US-Präsident im Kurzbotschaftendienst Twitter. Trump sprach konkret Deutschland, Großbritannien und Frankreich an.

+++ 4.52 Uhr: Bahn muss Fahrgästen deutlich höhere Entschädigungen zahlen +++

Zugverspätungen sind die Deutsche Bahn im vergangenen Jahr teuer zu stehen gekommen. Kunden im Nah- und Fernverkehr erhielten insgesamt 53,6 Millionen Euro als Entschädigung, wie eine Sprecherin der Deutschen Presse-Agentur sagte. Im Vorjahr waren es noch 34,6 Millionen Euro gewesen.

Der Konzern führte den Anstieg vor allem auf viele externe Einflüsse zurück: Stürme, Starkregen, Blitzeinschläge und Trockenheit bremsten die Züge aus. In addition, a line was closed after the fire in ICE and a warning strike in December.

Insgesamt wurden 2,7 Millionen Kunden entschädigt, 900.000 mehr als im Vorjahr. Bahnreisende in Deutschland haben Anspruch auf bis zur Hälfte des Ticketpreises, je nachdem wie groß die Verspätung ist. Im vergangenen Jahr war jeder vierte Fernzug zu spät gekommen.

+++ 4.35 Uhr: Säure-Opfer freut sich über "eine Tochter und einen liebevollen Mann" +++

Vanessa Münstermann, Opfer eines Säure-Anschlags aus Hannover, hat ihr Leben drei Jahre nach der Attacke eines Ex-Freundes nach eigenen Worten wieder im Griff. "Was wäre sonst aus mir geworden? Ich wäre immer noch irgendeinem Schönheitsideal hinterhergehechelt", sagte sie der Deutschen Presse-Agentur. "O.k., ich sehe jetzt beschissen aus. Aber ich habe eine Tochter und einen liebevollen Mann zu Hause."

Ihr Ex-Freund hatte der Kosmetikerin im Februar 2016 Säure ins Gesicht geschüttet, seitdem ist ihre linke Gesichtshälfte entstellt. Der Mann wurde im August 2016 zu einer zwölfjährigen Haftstrafe wegen schwerer Körperverletzung verurteilt. Im vergangenen Mai wurde Münstermann zum ersten Mal Mutter. Wie sie sich nach dem Verbrechen zurück ins Leben kämpfte, beschreibt die junge Frau – am Dienstag (19.) wird sie 30 Jahre alt – in ihrem Buch "Ich will mich nicht verstecken". Es erscheint am Dienstag (19.) im Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag.

+++ 4.19 Uhr: Dobrindt kontert Scholz: SPD-Ausgabenwünsche ohne Prioritäten +++

CSU-Landesgruppenchef Alexander Dobrindt hat die Vorschläge des Koalitionspartners SPD für Sozialreformen und eine Grundrente ohne Bedürftigkeitsprüfung scharf zurückgewiesen. "Wer immer neue zusätzliche staatliche Ausgaben einfordert, anstatt die Steuerzahler zu entlasten, der setzt keine Prioritäten, sondern verschiebt weiter den Verantwortungs-Maßstab", sagte Dobrindt der Deutschen Presse-Agentur in Berlin. "Eine gerechte Sozialpolitik, die gerade auch Arbeitsleistung honoriert, lässt in Zeiten von Rekordsteuereinnahmen den Menschen mehr Netto vom Brutto, damit sie ihre eigenen Prioritäten setzen können."

Dobrindt kritisierte mit seinen Äußerungen auch Finanzminister Olaf Scholz (SPD). Der Vizekanzler hatte sich in der "Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung" zuversichtlich gezeigt, dass eine Einigung mit CDU und CSU im Streit über den SPD-Vorschlag einer Grundrente ohne Bedürftigkeitsprüfung möglich sei. Scholz sagte: "Es sollte doch nicht so sein, dass die große Mehrheit der Bürger einen Vorschlag gut findet, und die Regierung setzt ihn dann nicht um." Die Union lehnt den Grundrenten-Vorschlag von Arbeitsminister Hubertus Heil (SPD) als Sozialpolitik mit der Gießkanne strikt ab.

+++ 3.35 Uhr: Rekord bei der Verschiebung der Mittel für Verwaltung der Jobcenter +++

Die Jobcenter nutzen immer mehr Geld, das für Eingliederungsmaßnahmen Arbeitsloser gedacht ist, für ihre Verwaltung. Im vergangenen Jahr schichteten sie mehr als eine Milliarde Euro oder fast ein Viertel des Eingliederungsbudgets entsprechend um. Das geht aus einer Antwort des Bundesarbeitsministeriums auf eine Anfrage der Linken im Bundestag hervor, die der Deutschen Presse-Agentur in Berlin vorliegt. Damit ist so viel Geld entsprechend umgewidmet worden wie noch nie.

Die Linke kritisierte dies: Etwa Langzeitarbeitslose oder ältere Erwerbslose bräuchten mehr Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten, forderte sie. Unter anderem solche Kurse werden aus dem Eingliederungsbudget bezahlt.

+++ 3.07 Uhr: Bericht – Scheuer will Auflagen für Shuttle-Dienste streichen +++

Bundesverkehrsminister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) will einem Medienbericht zufolge wesentliche Auflagen für sogenannte Shuttle-Dienste streichen. Taxifahrer müssten sich deswegen auf schärfere Konkurrenz durch Shuttle-Dienste einstellen, schreiben die Zeitungen der Neuen Berliner Redaktionsgesellschaft. Die Zeitungen berichten unter Berufung auf die Eckpunkte für das neue Personenbeförderungsgesetz, unter anderem solle die "Rückkehrpflicht für Mietwagen aufgehoben" werden. Diese zwingt die Shuttle-Dienste bislang zu vielen Leerfahren.

Zugleich plane Scheuer mehr Kontrollen für die neuen Anbieter, heißt es in dem Bericht weiter. So soll eine digitale Vermittlung von Fahrten künftig auch als genehmigungspflichtige Beförderungsleistung eingestuft werden. Bei Shuttle-Diensten können Nutzer über eine Smartphone-App einen Wagen bestellen, der mit anderen Kunden geteilt wird.

+++ 2.41 Uhr: Zweifel an Darstellung zu Angriff auf US-Schauspieler Smollett +++

Die US-Polizei hat offenbar Zweifel, dass der Schauspieler Jussie Smollett ("Empire") Opfer einer homophoben und rassistischen Attacke wurde. Ein Sprecher der Polizei von Chicago erklärte am Sonntag, die Ermittlungen hätten sich nach dem Verhör zweier zwischenzeitlich Festgenommener "verschoben". Der offen schwule afroamerikanische US-Schauspieler solle jetzt erneut befragt werden.

Zwei Tage vorher hatte die Polizei zwei "potenzielle Verdächtige" wieder freigelassen, ohne Anschuldigungen gegen sie zu erheben. US-Medien berichten, die Attacke sei womöglich nur inszeniert worden.

Der 36-jährige Star der Fernsehserie "Empire" war nach eigenen Angaben Ende Januar in der Innenstadt von Chicago von zwei Unbekannten angegriffen worden. Die Angreifer sollen demnach rassistische und homophobe Beleidigungen gebrüllt, Smollett geschlagen und ihm einen Strick um den Hals gelegt haben.

+++ 2.04 Uhr: Söder kritisiert drohende US-Zölle: "Verstoß gegen fairen Welthandel" +++

Bayerns Ministerpräsident Markus Söder (CSU) hat die drohenden US-Zölle auf europäische Autos scharf kritisiert und die Europäische Union im Fall der Fälle zu Gegenmaßnahmen aufgerufen. "Die Argumente aus den USA sind absurd: Deutsche Autos sind keine Bedrohung der nationalen Sicherheit, sondern stärken den Automobilstandort USA", sagte Söder der Deutschen Presse-Agentur in München. "Einen solchen Vorwand zu nutzen, um Zölle erheben zu wollen, verstößt klar gegen die Regeln des fairen Welthandels."

Vizepräsident Mike Pence: USA unterstreichen Führungsanspruch in westlicher Welt

"Natürlich würde dieser Schritt die deutsche Wirtschaft schwer belasten", sagte Söder und betonte: "Die Europäische Union müsste hier dann konsequent reagieren – das ist die Aufgabe der Kommission." Tatsächlich hat die EU hat bereits deutlich gemacht, dass sie auf neue US-Zölle mit Vergeltungszöllen reagieren würde. In der "Augsburger Allgemeinen" (Montag) äußerte sich Söder ähnlich.

+++ 1.31 Uhr: Rund 50 Waldbrände im Norden Spaniens +++

Im Norden Spaniens haben hunderte Einsatzkräfte gegen rund 50 Waldbrände angekämpft. In der Region Kantabrien waren am Sonntagabend noch 48 Brände aktiv, wie die Regionalregierung mitteilte. Über den Tag seien 50 Feuer gezählt worden. 760 Einsatzkräfte bekämpften die Flammen.

Die meisten der Brände wüteten in abgelegenen Bergregionen. Deswegen sei weder die Bevölkerung, noch Infrastruktur gefährdet, erklärte die Regionalregierung. No one was injured. Einige der Feuer wurden vermutlich absichtlich gelegt. Zwei Menschen wurden festgenommen. Kantabrien liegt an der nordspanischen Atlantikküste am Golf von Biskaya.

+++ 1.23 Uhr: Häftling nutzt "Fachkenntnisse" zur Rettung eines Mädchens +++

Ein Häftling hat im US-Staat Florida seine speziellen "Fachkenntnisse" genutzt, um ein Baby aus einem abgeschlossenen Auto zu retten. Wie der Sender CNN am Sonntag (Ortszeit) berichtete, hatte eine Gruppe von Häftlingen unter Aufsicht Straßenreparaturen durchgeführt, als sie den Hilferuf eines verzweifelten Elternpaares vernahmen. Dieses hatte die einjährige Tochter auf dem Rücksitz des SUV angeschnallt, die Schlüssel auf dem Vordersitz liegen gelassen und dann irrtümlich den Wagen verschlossen.

Einer der Häftlinge war "vom Fach" und öffnete den Wagen innerhalb kürzester Zeit mit einem verbogenen Kleiderhaken. "Gott sei für alle Kriminelle dieser Welt gedankt, ich respektiere Euch alle", zitierte CNN den Vater des Kindes aus einem Video, das während der Rettungsaktion aufgenommen wurde. Er habe seine "kriminellen Kenntnisse für einen guten Zweck eingesetzt", schrieb der Sender auf seiner Webseite.

+++ 0.55 Uhr: Serbien trauert um Sänger Saulic nach tödlichem Unfall in Deutschland +++

Serbien trauert um seinen bekanntesten Sänger Saban Saulic, der am Sonntagmorgen bei einem Verkehrsunfall aus der Autobahn A2 bei Gütersloh ums Leben kam. Die serbischen Medien berichteten am Sonntagabend unter Berufung auf Familienangehörige von dem Tod des 67-Jährigen, der in seiner Heimat als "König der Volksmusik" galt. "Die schönste Stimme ist verstummt", teilte die Familie am Abend in einer Erklärung an die Öffentlichkeit mit. Die Angehörigen hofften, dass er als "Künstler, einzigartiger Sänger und vor allem als großartiger Mensch" in Erinnerung bleibe.

"Er hatte keine Chance", titelte etwa die Zeitung "Blic" über dem Bericht über den Unfall. Demnach war ein von einem angetrunkenen Mann gesteuertes, größeres Auto vor einer Baustelle mit Wucht auf den Kleinwagen aufgefahren, in dem Saulic auf dem Beifahrersitz gesessen hatte. Saulic und die anderen Fahrzeuginsassen waren nach einem Auftritt in Bielefeld am Vorabend auf dem Weg zum Flughafen in Dortmund. Auch der Fahrer des Wagens, der aus Bosnien stammende Musiker Mirsad Keric, starb Stunden später im Krankenhaus an seinen schweren Verletzungen, wie Saulic-Manager Sabit Dervosevic der Nachrichtenseite Avaz bestätigte.

+++ 0.26 Uhr: "Äußerst ungewöhnlich": Örtlich über 20 Grad mitten im Februar +++

Frühlingsgefühle fast überall in Deutschland: Der Sonntag ist schön sonnig und vielerorts auch außergewöhnlich warm gewesen – örtlich sogar über 20 Grad. Etwa in Geilenkirchen bei Aachen seien 20,6 Grad gemessen worden, sagte ein Meteorologe vom Deutschen Wetterdienst am späten Sonntagabend. Im baden-württembergischen Emmendingen konnten die Menschen bei 20,3 Grad ebenfalls getrost auf die Winterjacke verzichten.

Temperaturen über 20 Grad mitten im Februar, das sei auf jeden Fall "äußerst ungewöhnlich", sagte der DWD-Experte. So mild sei es normalerweise erst etwa vier Wochen später, rund um den 20. März. Ob man von Rekord-Temperaturen sprechen könne, war in der Nacht zu Montag noch nicht sicher. Ende Februar 1900 seien aber in Jena sogar 23,1 Grad gemessen worden.

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