News – Alzheimer's patients need community support


At a time when Alzheimer's disease is common in our Saudi society and its & threatens thousands every year, the Saudi Alzheimer's Society plays an important role in raising awareness of the dangers and dangers of the disease; This disease and clarify the ways to deal with it. South Westerly

I was sorry to read a lot about this disease, and the ways to deal with it in the United Kingdom and abroad. "Alzheimer's not a normal part of getting older in Alzheimer's is an unrestricted conflict of brain that causes disturbance in memory, understanding, personality, and actions Another that impedes unbalance in the brain, "she said. Execurated due to total brain failure.

In the United Kingdom there are only about 130,000 people with Alzheimer's, and around 2050 the number of people with Alzheimer's doubles. Globally, the disease will kill more people suffering from breast cancer or cancer; protests together; Every 3 seconds who receive a dementia, one out of three elderly people will die from disease, or other dementia.

The worst thing about Alzheimer's might be the one that puts himself on the patient and the social environment. This disease has been successful in changing the way of life and lifestyle of thousands of Saudi families just because one of its members is converted. Alzheimer's care is very tough, and many families and carers also face high levels of difficulty and disorder.

Scientific research confirms that there is no remedy for the patient's memory, but the remedy available is provided to keep the patient's stability as long as as possible, to cancel the disease, and what the Society of Saudi Charities is a favorite for Alzheimer's patients who initially realized in the importance of raising the awareness of their patients about this disease by promoting programs to educate to the various sectors of media-based social media and communication that is possible, and Providing support and support for patients, and improving their health and delivery, providing support and advice to families of the wounded and those who are suffering. caring for them and working to create a relationship Between families of injured people on the one hand, and carers from special centers on the other.

It is worth noting that their programs of societies have been effective and attractive to the government authorities, hospitals and relevant related centers to bring forward the level of supportive medical and home care services for patients Alzheimer's. It also aims to support research and research related to the disease and the establishment of a database, and contribute to the development of staff skills in the field of disease.

I do not deny that I had a & # 39; Feeling safe and comfortable when I knew that there would be among the efforts of their organization; established the basis for its first specialist nursing home for Alzheimer's patients and a patient's health and social club. This is a step that shows a broad view of having a & # 39; Confirm patient needs and contribute to & # 39; reduce their tolerance.

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