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And if the team is the best in the four teams, a Chinese team may face the name of a group D or C, who could be a Japanese football player from Japan, England or Australia and Brazil, is also not easy.

Xinhua news agency, Canberra, 9 December News review: "The eight" who challenged Chinese women's football still challenged; fight – World Cup analysis

Reporter Xinhua Group Reporter Yue Dongxing

The Chinese women's team, who has recorded at least a quarter of a date will be kept as long as They have been squirting in the World Cup, challenging in the Summer Summer next year. This is because the new lottery is said to be unsatisfactory, and # 39; show what to do with her & # 39; group. Off the line, or the top 16 points, they have to go through the most difficult roads than the previous ones, and this also requires "铿锵 玫瑰" to continue its & # 39 ; struggle to climb the mountain road.

At the 2019 World Cup draw event held on the 8th local venue in Paris, the Chinese team and a two-day war warrior were hosted. Germany, the youth team with clear youth training and the South African team that went to the finals divided into Group B.

The German team is at the highest level, the most complete, certainly the best one for their main location in the & # 39; this group. Although the Spanish team is not a traditional force, but the youth training outcomes have been remarkable in recent years, the French F20 national World Cup team of Scotland won last year, we will expect the U17 Uruguay World Cup flag, a base for talent for a national adult team, good results for France.

The South African team is the only team in the world that is lower than a Chinese team in the world, and it's a new weapon. This World Cup is also the biggest and most powerful challenger of the Chinese team. From the timing of the timetable, the Chinese team needs to address their & # 39; Germany first, and after South Africa and Spain. So, taking the three points in the second game is the goal that needs to be achieved on the way out.

The German team in the first round of the game's game is not easy, but the Chinese team does not have to be surprising, since this old enemy has a clear understanding. Although the Chinese team has been in decline in the historic situation, the final tour of the Rio Olympic, the three-line "铿锵 cru" format has lost one goal. So, in the first round of the organization's level next year, the Chinese team should be sufficiently prepared for the problems, and whatever it is. outcome, they should be calm and to bring the best state.

For a Spanish team who did not meet in a big game and did not play in the # 39; a friendly game, the Chinese team has not developed their challenges in recent years, but they should also have the courage to fight the challenges of the strong traditional team.

The 24 teams of the World Cup finals from France are divided into six groups for the level of the organization. The highest of each group and the fourth best team will enter the highest war. Thinking that a Chinese team is on the right way under the direction of the # 39; Jia Xiuquan's new coach, the goal of the team is the goal. However, it is anticipated that the problem is also aggravated due to the difficulty in having a & # 39; retaining the team's main site.

If a Chinese team gets its first place in group B, it is probably the best third place in the teams A, C and D. Certainly this is the best result; but if you get the second group B, the Chinese team against the first name of the F group – maybe the American women's football defensive football. And if the team is the best in the four teams, a Chinese team may face the name of a group D or C, who could be a Japanese football player from Japan, England or Australia and Brazil, is also not easy.

Overall, the top 16 challenges are stronger than the Chinese women's team team Camarún in the same level as the previous Cup, so the challenge is even bigger. So whatever the director or public opinion should give the girls a relaxing preparation environment.

The six previous World Cup trips, every Chinese team at least a quarterly season. From the perspective of managers, in fact, I hope to take place next year. But at the same time reasonably, women's football development needs to be pragmatic recognizing the law, and that they have a clear and understanding position on the strength of the opponent, to make realistic hopes and make innovative .

In fact, the "铿锵 玫瑰" that possesses a hard work spirit will surely requiring himself with higher goals. Players who have been familiar with the last World Cup christening and the Rio Olympic Games, "Walt Shuang" of the Asian Football Championship, Wang Shanshan, backbone against Wu Haiyan and other players, also Hope to show the best stage in the gold time of the post.

As local coach Hao Wei said, "Not to find a lot, you are still a central team." So, I hope that the team will raise this with the greatest concern and attention of the women's football. At the same time, with enough confidence to fight for the enemy, go so far & as much as possible and without any regret. In the "Summer Summer" the most beautiful "rose" makes you happy.

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