News Bitcoin's value fell suddenly quickly. Is there a market for crioptoscopes? going to fall?


Bitcoin price has declined considerably recently. For the first time this year, it fell less than $ 5000 (according to the CoinDesk analyst for the lowest price since last October), which is causing concern that a & # 39; A smart market is going on to fall. The situation grew hard on November 19, when the BTC lost $ 2400 worth $ 1600, almost 10%, and fell under $ 4500. Market cartoons of bitcoin fell below $ 90 billion from more $ 110 billion just over a fortnight.

The decline in price may have contributed to the "civil war" in the smaller bitcoin cash division, which has been divided over the past two weeks. Developers and minerals have little bitcoin cash agreed to run this cryptoma, which continues to create ABC bitcoin and SV bitcoin.

In addition to bitcoin, however, another disease, such as ripple, lost by 6%, or ethereum, which fell by 8%, has fallen into the price to strengthen ripple situation as the second largest in the the world. Many analysts and financial organizations show the chaotic nature of the bugs and their unsuitable use for money and storage value. Blow blow; in a high stability for those who hoped to move bitcoin into the mainstream.

KPMG accounted for a census warning to the week that bitcoin and other cryptomas have not been ready to be classified as real money. B & B "crazy effort" have been using Bitcoin to store value. Non-negative awareness was also worse by analysts in the Bloomberg survey that a bitcoin price could fall to $ 1,500, falling by more than 70% over current levels.

However, Mati Greenspan, an eToro cryptomatic analysis, says that recent price movements do not mean religious boundaries. "What we see is now due to an unprecedented increase in bitcoin and other encrypted assets in 2017. This year is just a temporary move."

According to some experts, it is now possible to expect to get corrected in a short-speed fast-growing form.


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