News Chelsea LIVE: Maurizio Sarri news conference – FA Cup Revival and all words after losing Man Utd


News Chelsea LIVE: news conference Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri will join the media after a Chelsea disaster out of the Manchester United FA Cup.

Sarri has been growing further after Chelsea's spectacular shows, with Premier League 6-0 to & # 39; fought at Manchester Town to raise questions about the future of Stamford Bridge.

The old Napoli coach has attacked his players publicly in this term, and expresses them that do not. Their right company for high quality football and accepting that it has been in a position; strive to encourage this team.

Although Sarri was given a long time for her playoff & Sarri-ball & # 39; to start for football, another FA Cup award will surrender to its coach with a # 39; Emphasis on increased pressure when Chelsea's time threatens to go to # 39; get out.

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