News Cristiano Ronaldo: & # 39; It has been higher than expectations & # 39; Juventus & # 39; – Pavel Nedved greatly to a man; much bigger than player & # 39;


An old star Bianconeri who is now a director of the Turin club confirms that Portugal's superb has made a remarkable impact on the Italian football

Cristiano Ronaldo has been higher than Juventus's expectations, and Pavel Nedved, with his / her. Ballon's winner who is five times considering "much bigger than a player".

Portugal's great prospect completed a shift of € 100 million (£ 88m / $ 113m) to Turin during the summer of 2018.

After nine years of Real Madrid's award-winning and prestigious awards, Ronaldo hoped to start a new start and to make Italy the best destination.

I'm really happy to have it, because the 34-year-olds are not there; show that a 20-visitor sign has been on a & # 39; continues to grow again and I have been successful in a new environment.

It is thought that he was raised the Bianconeri, who won seven Sixth titles after that, even higher, with the director of his Nedved club telling Telegraph: "With Cristiano Ronaldo coming together, he has developed his mind.

"There was always a strong idea, but something that has influenced the rest of the team has affected him and has put them even more confident."

Having asked Ronaldo on all that Juve hoped to be, Nedved added: "No, it's even bigger than that.

"We knew as a player but now we know it as a man and everyone has been delighted with his character, his character. It is much bigger than a player.

"Juventus is just the way I refer to just having to match it. Ronaldo is a Juventus player. It's pretty suited and it's the perfect way to play. & There. "

Nedved Juventus 2006

Nedved understands what he is doing; giving him a star for the Bianconeri on his eight-year book on his club's books; his unique life.

He said he was honored and Gold Ballon in 2003 during his time in Italy.

However, the Czech could have a & # 39; damaging Ronaldo to both climb Juve and Manchester United; It's a nice hit that England's football was driving down the main leg of the League League when it was at the top of its powers.

"I always liked English football and its Premier League, I've always liked it," said Nedved.

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"My agent received some offers and I have always been a good supporter for Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson, in particular, at that time.

"They were definitely one of our biggest challenges and also a great driver of inspiration and driving and desires.

"Yes [Ferguson] He got things good, things that have never been before and I do not know if anyone else in the future can do what he did. "

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