News from the Zamalek club on Sunday 18/11/2018 and record the contract release


Zamalek's club saw Sunday 11/11/2018, especially Mahmoud Kherava's documentaries, a game player, and his / her release; The Olympic Committee to suspend the final general collection.

Consolidating Center decides that the Zamalek Club is invalid

In her decision of Àir. 40 of 2018, the Center for Settlement and Sport Configuration affected the implementation of general assemblies of Zamalek Club held on the 30th and 31st August at White Castle.

Hany al-Attal, vice president Zamalek, has a legal case at the Center for Serming and Sporting Conciliation, against the legal representative of the Zamalek club, and against Hisham Hatab, president of the Olympic Committee, asking that business would be held to hold two public bodies on 30 August and 31 at their club.

Zamalek writes a consolidation contract in the Football Federation

Zamalek officials today confirmed the new contract Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kherba, a first football player, in a football partnership, to bring Zamalek down to the recent emerging curtain, and a & # 39; talk about the ability to miss the player.

Magdy Abdel Ghani persuaded Zamalek to pay a 3% contract; new player, and he is entitled to record the contract at any time and not within one month of his / her. registering a new contract, as contract extension is; and not renovation.

Zamalek will host 3 stadiums to host Confederation games

Zamalek officials have identified three surgeries to host the games in the new edition of the African Shared Cup, Cairo Stadium, PetroSport and Arab Burj Al.

Zamalek is preparing to start their campaign in the Confederations Cup by the winner of Chadian cotton and Gumedo of Togo. It will be & # 39; The first leg is played on 14 December, 15 or 16, and the game will return 21, 22 or 23 of the same month.

Al-Mohammadi gives a half of his fees to complete Zamalek's decline. Hussein Yaser is a Get 445,000 not after 3 hours of discussions. A white person who refuses to pay penalty and private lawyer fees … and tell FIFA to go to; Configuration to avoid discounted points

Zamalek officials have declined Hussein Yasser Mohamedi, who was formerly a planner, by declining his debts late, a few hours before the date of the International Football Federation (FIFA) to finalize the emergency before punishing points out of its & # 39; club formally.

And Mohammedi's presence at the Club Zamalek headquarters in the past few hours, after the club's officers have to go to the club; ending the emergency, and attending the # 39; player and made a long session with Sharif Islam, leader of the contracts, to negotiate the value of the taxes before meeting the President of the White Castle to expose the end of the emergency and take photographs.

Emad Fathy out of the accounts returned to Zamalek .. Read more

Imad Fathi, Zamalek midfielder to Enppi Club, has gone away from Whitecastle officials to return again in the next level.

Zamalek's source of knowledge is that the middle of the white team now includes prestigious players and does not need to add new regeneration, so the problem that Imad Fathi will return is very difficult .

Participating in Jensh and the revival of Hamid and not both Tunisia from Maran Zamalek

Zamalek Ranger, Mahmoud Jensh, participated in the Group A game on Sunday, and, Preparing for her homepage recorded for Thursday 15th of the Premier League.

Tariq Hamed, Zamalek player, has been in the athletics training after he has returned from the scam after he has taken part in the start of his / her. Pharaoh's first party in Tunisia in the campaigns for African countries.

Alwanch out Zamalek accounts inside

Zamalek defender Mahmoud Hamdy Al-Wensh was not able to take part in the team's training on Sunday as a result of his long-lasting injuries. Final final team camp for the African Cup football against Tunisia.

Al-Wensh received training exercises in Zamalek today to be injured in musculoskeletal muscle, where he decided to make a medicine program under the direction of the medical system.

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