News from Yuvraj's English football club bought news: What Saudi Arabia says?


Saudi Prince (Prince of Crown) Mohammad bin Salman will going to buy England United Manchester football. For this, he was interested in spending 380 million pounds. If the current owner of the Glasgow family agrees, a new owner of the club can go to the next season, bin Salman. This is said in the British media report.

It is said in the report that close relatives of the family of Glazars say they are not in a position; going to sell football clubs. But perhaps the Saudi prince was thrown to sell the Glazar family to the price he paid. Because they bought the club just 79 million pounds 14 years ago. And if the prince sells at the price of the summer, he will have a profit of 220 million pounds. In addition, the club has already been as lenders and loans.

Last October, it was reported that bin Salman was buying Manhattan United. But the news about the purchase of his club was demolished after Saudi journalist Jamal Khasogi was murdered violently with the royal family.

The main businessman, Avram Glazer, even Manchester United also left an economic forum in Saudi Arabia last year to kill journalist Jamal Khasogi.

The reason Saudi Saudi Yuvraj's interest is to acquire Manchester United ownership; compete with Manchester City. As the City City owner, another member of the Arab family, Sheikh Mansur, Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE

So news came when Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman traveled for a few days in Asia.

On Sunday, he reached Pakistan on a one-day trip.

However, Saudi Arabia has denied news about that news. Al Jazeera said that Turkish al-Shabanah's media minister wrote on Twitter, "The news that Prince Yuvraj has been buying Manchester United is totally misleading."

However, the minister confirmed that his / her club had a conversation with the trustee.

Since the United Kingdom has signed a signature to Strategic Partnership & # 39; by the Arab Sports Commission in 2017,

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