News GeForce RTX 2080 Ti


The value of the Nvidia division has sunk over the last few days, 18% discounted down from the Green team's conclusions as its latest financial results.

All the results for Nvidia were extremely attractive despite the proportional value fall. Inventory income was introduced into the sale of Nvidia's equipment, data center and workplace; enough for Nvidia to tell shareholders that payment payments would be about 7% higher than expected.

"AI moves forward at a spectacular distance around the world, the income of driving records for our datacenter platform," Nvidia Chief Executive Jensen Huang said. "The introduction of Turing GPUs is a great leap for computer graphics and AI, which provokes the magic of a really real hero to games and the ever-ever-ever-ever-changing achievements."

Why is the big loss? Well, despite the strong displays in different areas, Huang said that this is a correction product that is; happening after finishing. The cryptoy mining has been significantly expanding and Nvidia is now located on a large number of extra stocks of hard graphics. Nvidia built his record five times in this verse.

Our near-output results are displayed in addition to the post of the system; broadcast crypto-currency, which will be corrected, " said Huang.

There is a type of bad page that comes on the Nvidia track here. Initially, old stock still has to complete retailers and its; stored and needed to be moved forward. This is expected to be & # 39; Sales are lower for the upcoming seasonal. Sellers do not have to order more stock because they have received enough support after they have been sending an order to meet the boundary request.

Although it is expected, for now, it would not be surprising if an application for the GeForce RTX 20 series was not so high. for past genres. The new graphics cards are very expensive, although there are also reports about RTX 2080 Ti invalid illness and a wide breakdown of the RTX radical administrative abilities at the GPUs, even at 1080p.

The last result is Nvidia that looks harder than it is for a while. It's definitely nothing to come to an end but shared values ​​have a & # 39; Declined 18.76% on Friday, falling from $ 202 down to $ 163. Nvidia's share value is now almost half at the highest of $ 289 at the end of the -Santain, just before launching the RTX Series 20 graphics card.

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