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Scott Sutherland
Meteorologist / Science Writer

Monday, November 26, 2018, 1:47 AM – NASA's InSight on the north of Scotland is going down on its & # 39; Red Planet near noon, east, Monday. This is how you look at this historic event from anywhere in the world!

The day has come to an end!

After more than six months of traveling through a intergenerational place, since it was launched on the # 39; May 5, NASA's InSight land quickly arrives near Mars, and on the # 39; Course for seven minutes of shock!

After a furrow grows through Mars's field, is completely controlled by the landlord itself,
without help at homeIt is expected that the InSight visit to Elysium Planitia will be held at just about 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT).

Although the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory is an on-site Weather Network at this event (and you can follow Scott at
@ScottWx_TWNon Twitter for his live ideas), you do not have to get there, yourself, to know what you think.

Look below, start at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT), as NASA gives a live insight into InSight on Mars, just from the NASA JPL Mission Control Center.


Similar to what Mars Curiosity has spent, over six years ago, InSight goes into Mars, and, travel at 21,200 km / h, and it is about seven minutes to go down to a distance of about km / h, to go down to the surface of its Red Planet.

What does that look like? Just what steps the landlord needs to take, all by themselves, without direct directing from home, even if something would go wrong?

Look below how Rob Manning, chief engineer of the NAS Propulsion Laboratory NASA, describes the essential steps that are in the process; at InSight on land.

The worry that the team is going through during this event is why the seven religious summaries are called. Yes
anythingIt's wrong, nothing is wrong; They could do it about it, and it could bring an accident to the country!

At the same time, however, the engineering team has a strong confidence that they have given InSight all opportunities and benefits to go to the surface. It just accepts the & # 39; This shortage, too, does not have the experience of the unexpected landlord, on the way down.

How will the team know what is done by InSight?

It would be very good if we had a living outlook in the country, or still better,
from home, all the way down from space to surface. Unfortunately, however, we are not totally up to that technological level.

What we see, with a weak time of about 8 minutes due to the distance between Mars and Earth, the team in the Access Control, Subsidiary and Land (EDL) Center, receives the InSight messages to & # 39; back from Mars.

In the space, the Orbiter Mars Recognition Orbiter (MRO) monitors the InSight progress down to the surface, however, it is not designed to provide that message online. Instead, he will keep that data for three hours before putting the record back to Earth. Mars Odyssey passes on the journey, with his cameras shows that the landlord used their solar panels, but did not send this information to 5 hours after landing.

Mars Cube One spaceship, Marco-A and MarCO-B's great friendship (the name of "EVE" and "Wall-E"), will allow us to update, in a good time, about how InSight is going on.

Producing pictures of the Marco-A and MarCO-B cube, a & # 39; fly through space to Mars. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

These two, who have been InSight continued to Mars, Raising natural radio markers and bringing them back to Earth. It will only restrict a series of puzzles – the simplest way of information, so the laird can focus on maintaining his main work to the surface whole – but the engineers know here how to interpret the meaning of that man.

The final end was issued, and hoping that it will follow very soon after a basic, low-level image of the surrounding areas, it is expected that it will come to NASA at about 3 p.m. ET on Monday (or 12 p.m. PT).

For an extra bonus, the MarCO team will try to make pictures of InSight when they come ashore, but they are sure they will not see anything. We have not just done anything like the previous MarCO mission, so the results are still uncertain!


Although NASA engineers have given InSight everything they need for safe onshore, there may be potentially unexpected situations that cause failure.

Still, according to Bruce Banerdt, Chief Inspector of InSight, almost everything has not been lost if they do not get that last time.

Although he could do & # 39; means something really bad for the purpose, at that very early time, it may be easy for the laird to be just in "Safe Mode" – a state where the sheriff's computer is familiar with something of and while sitting, safe on the surface, a computer need to be restored and reinstated before the resolution can continue.

So, if that last time is not heard, they have to wait for the data that MRO and Odyssey have put in, to confirm the quality of their humanity, whether they are; he stayed or did not, and if he opened up his solar panels.

Try Monday to see what happens!

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