News in EQUILIBRIUM: There are 6 or 6 psychological problems over the years


There is no whole life, just because people are not perfect. We do not have robots, without having a # 39; Feel that a grid today and its # 39; plan the most ambitious aims and ways to achieve them.

We are human, full of emotions. Fears and feelings are happening because of it; They are disturbed, be happy and happy, or they are tough and sad. The truth is that they can find out what we are going to do; Everything that makes a mistake range that can be translated into a variety of psychological problems.

Psychological disorders are a series of psychological signs that affect people's behavior and behavior.

They can cause emotional causes and constrain normal life development.

Although around 260 psychological disorders have been confirmed, according to the Information and Statistical of Depression (DSM), today, we will talk about 6 of them, those who may appear at any time of life.

1. PTSD (Bad Traum Story Story Traumatic)

This problem is usually in people who have had a very worrying time in their lives.

Some of the examples are:

  • Kidnappings / rapes / tortures.
  • Looks like a loving person
  • Great crash
  • Living a natural disaster

This disorder can be done at any age, depending on the time.

The consistent events of fear and pharanoia, during sleepy nights, are a bit of interest in trying to, carrying out everyday actions and feelings of loneliness or biodiversity, the main features.

2. OCD (Compulsory Disorder)

The causes of this type of disorder are usually associated with these factors:

  • Abuse
  • corporate
  • sexuality

It usually happens as a result of the death of a person who likes it or does it; live in situations that constantly strive or disrupt; left. In some cases, it is usually genetic.

A permanent presence or exciting activity is a key indicator.

3. GCE (General Incident Disorder)

It is marked by an ongoing feeling of concerns that affect its entire body.

It appears by:

  • Numerous sweating
  • Nervousness
  • Pact
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of concentration
  • Whales in parts of the body.

It appears due to its & # 39; case for a particular case or situation.

It can also improve when it is immersed in a constantly stressed position, to be constantly immersed in social networks and negative daily newspaper reading.

4. Phobias

Popes in a Phobias are marked by examples of stimulating or disturbing responses to a special or common stimulus, such as:

  • Water phobia
  • For cats or insects.
  • To travel with a subway.
  • To the fire

Many of the phobias are usually caused by negative experiences, panic attacks, bad behaviors or through changes in brain activity as a result of illness.

5. Order strength with agoraphobia

This type of disorder may occur in any adult, even though more than 25 years of females occur; age.

It is markedly frightened in open or closed places, causing the person to not leave home.

In addition, continuous emerging periods and physical symptoms will be introduced, such as error, tension, swelling, sweating, among others. His reasons are still unknown.

6. Sleeper

The disorders of psychological cells may cause too much pressure caused by the lack of control in the hours of sleep by working on moving movement . It can also occur as a result of a sudden illness.

The most prominent people include:

  • Insomnia
  • Syndrom on the steep turn.
  • Evening night is consistent.
  • Apnea to sleep
  • Snoring

These problems often mean that the person is able to carry out their daily activities.

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