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(Seoul-Yonhap News) This is the transcription of the film – which is expected to begin later this year, at least the following year.

According to NASA's chief executive Jim Bidenstein, NASA's chief executive of “2020 Fiscal Year” at NASA's New York Space Center on Monday, I have a budget for returning, ”he said.

"The president has ordered us to return to the moon with the Spatial Policy Policy 1, and we intend to implement it immediately," said Brystein. "Until the following year, a private spacecraft will bring scientific equipment into the moon at least this year."

He also confirmed that landowners, robots and people with new and innovative technologies and systems would be involved in scientific innovations across the moon by 2028, starting with these civilian ships. T

NASA has set about $ 363 million ($ 399 million) as a budget for a civil spacecraft.

Brysteinin confirmed that the NASA budget for the 2020 fiscal year was $ $ billion (23.7334 trillion), up 6 per cent from the 2019 year of inquiry.

However, it is based on the budget requested by the administration (US $ 19.9 billion), which is 2.3% lower than the budget itself (US $ 21.5 billion) which was completed during the growing process in the UK. T legislature.

It is said that NASA's budget is increasing in the process of revitalizing the budget, which was not administrated by Congress, in this year.

Bidenstein said that the budget for the "Gateway" space station, which was built on a full budget, was fully prepared.

The gate, which will be the basis of the moon investigation, will be constructed in earnest by connecting power power in 2022, and the astronaut lives in 2024.

It was intended that the components and equipment required to build the gate would be made by strengthening the achievement of the inter-disciplinary multiple generation rocket, the Launch Space System (SLS), but the development of the SLS was maintained. T partly and some of the civilian rocketings were decided upon.

SLS and Orion, a spaceship with a developing long-term field with Mars in Mind, are planning their first audition with staff launching next year.

However, in FY2020's budget, a SLS budget has been cut by 17% and the use of civilian rocket is increasing, increasing concerns that the further development of the SLS rocket can be further developed. T play a major part in space exploration.

The SLS rocket was first due to be launched in 2017, but it is expected to be available sometime in 2021.

Bidenstein said that greater international collaboration will be achieved by the building of the International Space Station (ISS), which is infamous on Earth.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has already announced that there is an official engagement, including the provision of robots, and they have not yet made official statements. participation.

Brystein says that the gates allow NASA to use the resources in the moon, and that billions of tonnes of ice that can be found on the moon's surface can be used for ventilation, drinking water and rocket fuel. It could also be used to search Mars.

He added: "The Moon is a performance appraisal site and Mars is the ultimate goal," he said, adding that the budget was needed to draw "Mars 2020" and remove the examples from Mars. T to Earth is well organized.

The budget for Telescope Space Web Web, which has been suspended in the NASA budget, is being fully published, but the budget for space templates is not the next generation for WFIRST to study external plans and – t dark energy compiled.

It is expected to be introduced again in the Parliament's budget process, that the Democratic Party has not been established because there is no budget for scientific research on global climate change.

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