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Reporter Xu Lifang / Broad report

Glossary of typhoon! The Medium Metallic Administration of the "Typhoon Warning" published at 9: 40f on the afternoon of the 20th. The tropical revival set first in the south eastern side of Guam had officially passed to the 28th "Wanyi "(Korean name Co-signal, MAN-YI). It is expected that the engineer will continue to move northwest and west in the future, and the weather in Taiwan will not have a direct impact . With regard to the tropical disaster near the Philippines, he will gradually enter the southern part of the Philippines through the next two days, when the environment is developed going to & # 39;

The Meteorological Bureau told ETtoday News Cloud that the Wanyi tephoon is currently situated at about 4050km southeast of Eluanbi, moving northwest, and, moving at a distance of 25 kilometers per hour, starting at 138 degrees to the east and its; start east. The parabola is on the north-east edge, which goes to the sea in the south of Japan, and then goes to the sea; arriving in the west coast to the east, and over 2,000 kilometers away from Taiwan when it turns off. It does not have a direct impact on the weather in Taiwan.

Regarding the tropical disaster in the Philippine islands, it moves to the west at a speed of 30km per hour. In the next couple of days, he will gradually enter China's southern China through the Philippine Islands. The environmental conditions are favorable for improvement and may be thephoon No. 29 Tiantu. The Meteorology Bureau said that the 2 systems have the potential to have a direct impact on Taiwan, and it will continue to & # 39; looking forward to the future.

▲ ▼ No 28 WAN tephoon breeding! West runs for 1 day.

▲ ▼ Totally to the west to run a large "parabolic" turnover. (Dealbh / flip NOAA, Central Weather Bureau)

▲ ▼ Unique. (Picture / Medium Weather Bureau)

▼ It also develops low tropical pressure near the Philippines, which may be a platform in the past. (Picture / Medium Weather Bureau)

▲ ▼ No 28 WAN tephoon breeding! West runs for 1 day.

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