News on Saudi Arabia today as Mufti Jeddah collapsed


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Mufti Jeddah fell to launch the citizen's site, on Sunday, November 18, 2018.

Mufti Jeddah fell

Citizen – Jeddah

There was a car driver, which was hit by another car when he was & # 39; drive a car, arrest.

Emirate of Mecca gave the caretakers to the traffic authority to implement the penalties they put in the traffic system.

Previously, traffic in recent improvements had been made; on the cover, a & # 39; felling his / her carriage and making it run on the right or left frame, or # 39; make the bike two frames that walk on one frame or driver or passengers; get out of the while while & # 39; as they walked or did; Give up some of the parts while they were & # 39; walk for the review.


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