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The SWEM and BENESTRA communication prize was awarded to the HERMES communication prize – Communications Engineer of the Year 2018 during the big wave of WWO attacks.

In June 2018, a number of websites of state installations against the DDoS attack were unusual. For example, there was a major investment in's public administration or Hydrometeorological Slovak Institute or RTVS websites. The aim of the DDoS (Service Dispensation) aggression is to overwrite and expire it; target group closures target, causing serious economic damage to them. The customers of SWAN and BENESTRA have several of the targets of attacks that are; They used to be made from abroad (USA, Britain, Canada, China …) and did not consolidate for a month ago and began to work under a co-administration.

"We needed to interfere with the fast and appropriate SWAN and BENESTRA interconnection as a provider of network management solutions and DDoS attack protection. Allow the situation to stop the reputation of parent companies. At the same time, it also impedes the reputation of the partners SWAN and BENESTRA can; deliver solutions. The situation has made it difficult for you to identify the attack and encourage it in similar attacks. With a lot of active dialogue, we may be able to take even stronger attacks by attackers,"Speaker SWAN Matouš Benčík explains.

The jury valued an innovative approach based on consultation with his / her; a professional community, which allowed him to select an appropriate response to a potentially dangerous situation. The prize was awarded by Professor Pavel Horňák from the Department of Marketing Communications at the University of Comenius.

SWAN and BENESTRA take up to thousands of small aggressions to & # 39; Most of them are part of a long-term digital Infrastructure and they are working regularly.

"It can be an attack on people or companies. In a company case, it may be a lot of hours protection of connecting problems, which could cause serious damage. We have endeavored to make our product its position as rational as small and small companies,"Augustin's SWA Technical Director says.

The Protection of Protection Network Network SWO and BENEFITS Customize the IT management of IT management through a network traffic analysis that makes it easy to prove, optimize network performance, and identify operational problems and its adverse effects. With historical reports and data, Network Networks receive a broad overview of network usage and can make better decisions about changes. This solution will protect valuable enterprise data and systems in the face of advanced barriers, such as DDoS attacks, where invaders will be infected. Try to protect an essential web application or internal corporate system. Such assaults can cause the reputation of their company at risk or financial loss.

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