News Samsung is the first to start QLED television sold by 8K resolution


In late October, Samsung launched the 8K television maker as the first sales maker. This happened as soon after the performance of the Berlin IFA2018 Fair this year.

Ultra HiVision 8K uses four times the resolution (7680 × 4320) of Ultra HD 4K and up to 16 hours higher than Full HD. In addition, there is support for expansion space with Rec. 2020 and the advanced advanced range of HDR. Connecting to external devices to & # 39; uses a new generation of HDMI 2.1, which allows HDMI 8K 50 / 60p HDR or 4K 100 / 120p HDR to broadcast and has up to 48 Gbps data.

Samsung introduced the Q900R QK00R, Q900R, which is available with QLED 65 ", 75" and 85 "terminals, which is fully new Quantum Priority, and Inteligial Intelligence (AI) is used. It replicates an indigenous 8K content, but it is now more important in the first stage of this format to re-install lower resolution videos (full HD, 4K) for rendering 8K. In the first step, the TV analyzes will then be done by an interesting library of patterns, shapes and colors, and then using a algorithm that suits them improve the content, and achieve the final reproduction of the image to a total of 8K, which means that a user can see content through a streaming service, a setup box , HDMI, USB, not even mobile rods, Quantum Processor 8K racks and we will sketch any content up to the 8K arrangement The Q900R also supports the QR HDR 8K technology with HD Dynamic Range 10+ (High Dynamic Range) make better of clarity, create natural colors and allow you to; achieving the same visual vision that you expect. For these reasons, the television uses Elite Direct Backlight for Direct Direct Array to increase the relative and correct management of support and its; 100% DCI-P3 color dye cover. It offers billions of color shades to users who are make cleaner and hardest colors. The television performs the highest tallest height on its & # 39; market with up to 4000 threads, which is twice as high as the 4K most powerful television. This includes a very active range when I'm going to; watch HDR content.

As well as advanced image and sound in the Q900R 4.2 configuration, many new features make it easier to use. For example, the TV recognizes and analyzes device connected with HDMI or via mobile cable, and then it's a? Moving the image and audio output automatically to the best event. The remote universal Remote Control Remote can be used for full control. A comprehensive approach, identified from the 4K Newspapers, has been developed so that the television is slower to the surrounding area and displays on screen pictures, weather projections, news and more. The One Invisible Connection cable, which comes into sizes of 5 m, and & # 39; including both flexible lines and power lines, giving consumers more freedom to decide how and how to set up the television. The cable is very small and it allows a very distinguishing connection to the & # 39; One Connect box, which contains all the necessary links, and # 39; including the power supply. With the latest TV HDMI 2.1 interface at the opening time (there are currently no tools to connect), the maker will support the latest technology just by & # 39; replace One Connect Box. Smart developments, such as SmartThings, contribute to the greater potential of the Q900R (Smart Home Control) and General Guidelines; Provide personal tips for live content or OTT on your television.

The Q900R QLED 8K television is available from selective retailers from October 22, 2018. The selling price of the product is & # 39; recommends £ 4999 for the size of 65 ", € 6,999 for 75" and € 14,999 for television 85 ".

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