News Saudi Arabia today describes citizens … Separated and with 4 children and 460 supporters loyal What is the solution?


Citizen – Riyadh

Citizen's complaint that she is split and has 4 children, and despite her, she will only receive 460 friendships from supporting the citizen's account, and her. ask why that is so!

For this reason, the citizen's account through the customer service is that the support is spent in accordance with the criteria for an application, which includes the income of the family and the number of members and ages, and to find out how well they are; The value of the benefit in the citizen account, Here

The earliest publication of the citizen census program is that the image of the complaint will be implemented before people who impact on the second final part of the program will come in the coming hours.

The program of citizen's account, which was deposited Sunday Sunday, completed the support given to the eleventh session of the beneficiaries of their requests in the citizens' account and continued to the end of the day.

Earlier citizens' account stated that there are different differences in fuel, electricity and value added to food and alcohol covered by a contribution provided in the Freelance Account Program, saying The program's aim is to be & # 39; Attending families and individuals to direct and indirectly impact economic reforms Is the registration available throughout the year to apply for and support the support available to citizens and their potential -conclusive.

The Citizens Account Program aims to directly and indirectly impact the economic reforms of Saudi families that are appropriate.

The value of the subsidies includes an increase in changes in fuel prices and electricity after removal, as well as the impact of supplying food and drinks as well.

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