News Saudi Arabia today to sign up on & # 39; case. The Social Welfare Commission re-instates a third part of the landscape


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Rehabilitation of the Commission for Social Development in third-century landscape, describes the site of the citizens' newspaper, Sunday, November 18 2018.


Repeat. Re-create the Commission for Social Development in a triad or landscape

Saoranach – Ahmed Al – Shihri – the treasure of the landscape

The head of the Center for Social Development in Managing Management, Abdulrahman Al-Ruman, confirmed that the center plans to redesign the advice of a social development committee in the mid-thirteenth Baraq continent.

Al-Rùman, who wishes to be nominated for the membership of the Council, asked to go to the Social Development Committee headquarters in the Triad of the scene, or the Center for Social Development by clear men, and fill in the application form for membership of the Council, as long as the applicant is a Saudi country, Because there is at least the intermediate certificate for Presidential position, Former President and Treasurer.

He said these methods will be completed in the longest month.

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Source: Citizens' newspaper

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