News The Duchess of Camilla have gone to her; gives Prince Charlie's 70th anniversary bash


Amongst the gowns, a ghost and tune speeches, the rooms ran a great deal with good weeks that Charles and Camilla saw out of her; benefit from the British population and three of Meghan's royal staff are abolish their jobs.

"On the back of closed doors, there was a bad story in Charles's birthday date – you could cut the fight with a knife," a palette store is a & # 39;



"For the cameras, there were ideas and excitement, but behind the scenes it was a very different story."

In front of the guests – including the Earl of Snowdon, Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg, Lady Helen Taylor and Santa Montefiore, Zara and Mike Tindall, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark, as well as the Duchess and Duchess Cambridge and the Duchess and Duchess of Sussex – the Queen made a great costume for the eldest son on her milestone date.

"… Over the past 70 years, Philip and I have seen Charles as a lawyer for conservation and the arts, a charitable leader of a great heiress and respect for the throne to compare to anyone in history – and an amazing father "said.

"Most of them, kept up with his wife Camilla, are his own, passionate and creative. So this is the drink of a happy birthday for my son, in every place, Duchy Origin. Ahead, Charles, The Prince of Wales. "


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However, despite his heart assurance to the "reckless" heir, Charles and Camilla as the King and Queen of England in the future were expected to be a great deal with the British population due to the population that Ban the Cornwall's poem enjoying only 29 per cent of the public and Charles at 48 per cent, placing them behind Prince Harry, Queen, Prince William, Kate, Meghan and even Prince Philip.

As a result, the palace representatives report that Camilla was unsure in unhappy laughter and went out of the way to be tough.

"Camilla was causing trouble on the left, on the right and in the middle, which complained that there was not enough food, the drinks were warm – just the usual circumstances & Camilla were being tough and ill; , "a & # 39; pour the well.

"She also had her usual work with regard to the younger royals, including Meghan and Kate. But, she was angry about who was and was not She was told that she was more likely about it – and it was very difficult to listen. She felt that she should be more of her English society to be friends there, she wanted to It would be better for her. She did not prefer so many gentlemen there. "

But it's a & # 39; Princess Mary the guest she got out.

"She has been a long-term dedication to her Danish princess and her friendship with Mary to Charles and she did not get back on her thoughts through her night either. "

Another bad point was there; In the evening that three Harry and Meghan workers had expired in the last six months.

It is acknowledged that Meghan Melissa's personal mentor is the most recent to stop, among the jubilee, the private secretary pair, Samantha Cohen, Editing her newsletters that have recently dropped her baby's stories.

"Despite being painted as a horrible shift, she was asked to go after she suspected her to look back secretly to her couple as a result of her six-digit publishing contract to tell the royal animals, "a & # 39; Rain

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