News The photography competition, in which the success of Slovenka Anna Opinova has been launched, opened its gates


The opinion of Anna Opinova, belonging to Stare Ľubovne, has embarked on glory all over the world. Her picture, entitled "Mysterious", which was created by co-operation with wedding prints, has made unexpected success throughout the world and has been among the job- famous photographers from around the world. Now you have the chance to get along with her too.

Nikon Photo Contest is an international competition for professional and amateur photographers, offering a chance to & # 39; distributing and enhancing photography culture. From its first competition in 1969, over 410,000 photographers have contributed more than 1,620,000 jobs. Last year, the 36th edition was held and made several recordings in the history of its competition: the largest number of partner designers (21,511) from the largest number of countries (170) with the largest number of installments (76,356).

Neville Brody was elected as Chief Justice

Just like last year, this year, Nevill Brody becomes Chief Justice in the Nikon Photographic 2018-2019. The names of other lawyers will be published as soon as they are appointee.

Brody has been working in his field for more than three decades ago, with a range of activities going out of his / her homework. Packaging for music recordings for brand design for worldwide trading companies. It has been a person of influence between different types of artists and photographs. Thanks to his ability to work with advocates from different countries and the enthusiasm he received among the competitors, he was again elected to become a lawyer principal.

Neville Brody told the competitions: "It was an amazing and exciting event for me to work as a leading lecturer of the Nikon 2016-2017 Photograph. The contributions were very good, and the vowels spoken by the lawyers Lots of feelings. It was a really good experience and I would like to thank the competitors who put their work in the competition last year. I'm looking forward to this year's competition and it will be even more exciting and exciting. "

Overview of the Nikon Photographic competitions category 2018-2019

The 37th Nikon Photo Contest section comprises three categories: Open, Re-Generation, and Short Film. The theme of the "Changing" Open section is. Life at the time important changes: from work and way of life to climate. Nikon encourages photographers who want to share their work with others to put their posts on their own. subject.

It is the kind of Renaissance, which can be taken by illustrators of under 25's, "Image," and Nikon expects to add the younger generation to find out when they are.

And the "Short Film division" is "Hope," and Nikon expects that there will be grants to throw light on the future.

Right and participation grant

Professional and non-professional photographers, age, gender or nationality, can participate in the competition to 31st January 2019. For more information about the departments, the rules for posting , the decision making process as well as awarding prizes and awards, visit: http: // The Nikon 2018-2019 Photo Winners will be released at a ceremony in August 2019.

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