News to respond to Brexit: Backlash because the government does not; refuse to publish full legal advice on approval


The government has been involved in a new series over the publication of the full legal advice issued on the Brexit contract.

Downing Street states that it will not only be able to delete "full-state statement of constant status". Providing a political and legal situation on the Drawing Agreement.

The move has been a Labor Party and the U.S. Older MP, who will have to publish the full text.

Conservative Peter Peter said that he did not give up information about the full legal advice of Geoffrey Cox's "dangerous" advocate.

BP Peter Well left 10 Downing Street earlier this month (PA)

He told the Daily Telegraph: "Naturally people think that legal advice does not support their case and that's why they are not going to be released.

"It is a very dangerous start for the authority to defend its parliament.

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"And they may try to delays it to make them vote but that's encouraging."

Shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer, said the situation was totally unsuitable and that the extra Labor would use all parliamentary equipment available to challenge it.

Labor Keir Starmer has asked to publish the full legal advice (PA)

He asks ministers to comply with the binding of the Commons binding to publish legal advice after ministers have opposed their move to avoid a destructive ban.

He said: "At this important stage, the parliamentary must provide the necessary information to provide a detailed understanding of what has been agreed and what is being sought to vote.

"The Labor Party and Parliament can not add to the full legal advice given to the cabinet.

"A legal summary is not sufficiently clear and does not comply with the unanimous decision made by the House of Commons."

And Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the ERG group of Conservative Initiatives, said the Express: "This is really difficult.

"If the government does not want to publish the council, it should oppose its vote, it did not stop.

"You can not allow a vote not to be banned and then say" yah, boo, we're noticing "&"

The official spokesman of his / her prime minister stated that the move was in accordance with a commitment given to the MP by the Minister of Office; Chaibineit, David Lidington in the House.

"This is for a very reasonable positioning statement that sets out the political and legal situation of the government on the proposed reconciliation agreement and protocols attached. So the commitment is going as expressed in two weeks ago. "

A cabinet source added to the document that a & # 39; A full legal advice for ministers which includes a vision of Northern Ireland's customs that See that the UK and EU shared approach is happily effective in the EU when it comes to the fact that, the UK could leave.

It comes with the government that was set up to analyze the economic impact of Brexit as Theresa May's blogs to save his business for leaving the EU.

Downing Street said that the papers would cover a range of settings as the prime minister has a & # 39; try to tell her her / her consent to her; Representing the same way to protect jobs and investments as long as it is a? avoid deleting without any breach.

Then she will travel to Scotland for another day of her; A long-term campaign that will appeal to the BP leader to ordinary electors to support her plan.

It is expected that the Government's analysis will end that the UK will be much better off under the terms of a controversial agreement; Miss May told Brussels what he was against unlawful Brexit with unrestricted breakdown.

Ministers have also agreed their assessment of their impact on the economy if Britain was to remain in the European Union, opposed to the expectation of the loss of Commons by the Commons.

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