News Who will remember Harper Beckham's new hairy style?


Indeed, he should have gone past tomorrow in the Tate of London Gallery for the Victoria Beckham fashion collection for the forthcoming fall / winter season. Instead, the people dressed in fashion due to a girl Harper on every style pen with hats too strong Like Anna Wintour's beautiful hairy style, The 69-year-old "Vogue" headteacher has been committing her hair for more than 40 years.

Even Harper's hair color and Anna are close to the same. See for yourself:

Depending on the new look of the age of seven British hairdresser, Lucas Hersheson, Harper cut all about a month ago.

David needed to fight his first smile, because he was mourning in the summer, when Harper was separated from her long long hands. At Insta David write: "Someone is happy and someone is not so happy …"

At the same time, the previous barrier has been used for the elderly shorter hair of the man who is older; youth and was deceived by the famous doppelgänger.

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