Newsletter 8H: The area chairman is moved to work at the Association Park


The district chairman is moved to work at the park. On November 20, the public Committee in Dak Nong published that the work was moved to Mr Nguyen Ngoc Long, Deputy Secretary of the Area Party Committee, Chairman of the Tuy Duc district of the People's Committee. So Mr Long was moved to work as an expert at Dak Nong's Dalmatic Park. Previously, the Dak Nong Party Committee had concluded that they had received all Party posts for Mr Long. Mr Long has also been under the control of Party control twice in the last half of the year. Undoubtedly, Mr. Long has made many mistakes in a land management area.

The 9th measurement was removed as long as he was associated with the River Lam. It is around 16h on November 20, a group of 11 students of 9A class, Thanh Long Junior High School, Thanh Chuong (Nghe An) area that flows into the River River bath over its " community 2, Thanh Long. While he had a splash, two students, Phan Van Binh and Tran Viet Hung, were drowned suddenly. Seeing Binh and Hung asking for help, the only one to find help with you except to & # 39; Saving Binh, Hung was swept away. There, the family and authorities look for Hung attributes.

Cold air affects the northern fossil areas, with 13 degrees C. Theo National Center for Hydrometeorological InspectionOn 21 November, the cold air department still moves to the south. On the afternoon and evening of November 21, this air unit will affect the North and Northern rural areas, and then it will affect some of Vietnam's Central. From the 21/11 night, in the northern regions of the cold weather with the minimum temperature of 16-19 degrees, the 13-15 mountain range is the Celsius degree.

A freight passenger car was suddenly burned, and a " drag two cars burned. An evening fire fire crashed on 20 November at Mid Nang Station, causing two cars to be repaired there.

The 4-year-old boy is disabled at Bac Ninh. On the afternoon of November 19, people found that a boy was abandoned at the bottom of the bridge over Phuc, in the Dai Phuc Ward area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. Bac Ninh, Bac Ninh province. It is known that the boy was left with clothes, some things but there were no identifying papers. Through a hospital inspection, the doctor confirmed a 4-year-old boy with a connsital smithy party. On November morning, the authorities made measures to introduce boys to protect the region's social protection.

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The girl killed her sweetheart and then sent her dish to her; invite others. A Moroccan woman has killed her lover seven years after he said he wanted to marry another. According to the prosecutors, a woman sent her lover's body out into machboo dish (with the main thing with cheese and meat) and invited Pakistani staff are living near; café. The woman who killed her lover was three months ago in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but was not recently discovered when her victim's brother found and found Human Dancers in the homeless machine.

The ship carrying 150 passengers was removed. At least one person died, 44 people were injured after a train that carried 150 passengers transported near Barcelona on November 20. Territorial is the cause of the accident. Spanish transport minister Jose Luis Abalos said that the area was thrown down to prevent rock crashes, but the proportion did not interfere with landslide. Earlier, for several days later, heavy waters spread over the northern part of Spain causing serious problems and landslides.

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