& # 39; A & # 39; Handbag that Eats It Fies: Water Girl hit with a Fiji Water Lawsuit

The conflict between Fiji Water Girl and his company called his name has heated up, with Fiji Water a & # 39; Proceed a lawyer against its Friday model (US Time).

At the beginning of February, Kelleth Cuthbert, whose name is Kelly Steinbach, is Fiji Water Girl, has been best known to become famous after the famous globes of bumps of the Golden Globes by Fiji Water, asking his company to be a " using its authoritative image.

It came after the brand used its famous picture to create tablets as part of a global marketing campaign.

But now the Wonderful Company, who has Fiji Water, has said Ms Steinbach is a " agreeing an agreement that allowed Fiji Water to appear in advertising.

The campaigners express their model of being able to; trying to take "nearly half a million dollars from Fiji" because she was not happy with the launch of the $ 90,000 contract, reporting CBS News.

"Ms. Steinbach has now banned her hand that will help her keep her own company that is completely responsible for giving her an opportunity and the ways has been playing 15 prestigious internet minutes. "

Legal representatives of Ms. Steinbach have previously stated that legal action was the last thing after the company found $ 12 million to appear banner from the viral drawings.

"Modules will make livelihoods that do not use their image. Other professionals would not have any expected expectation for free.

"Fiji Water's cartoon card cutting campaign illegally used the image of Ms Cuthbert and she just wants what is fair."


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