A man is arrested over the weapons of church on the South Island

A man has been arrested over two gangs in church buildings on the South Island.

Two suspicious fires of both buildings were built at Mormon, on either side of the island, in mid-March.

Police statement said a 28-year-old man would appear in Christchurch District Court on Tuesday Tuesday saying he accepted two burns accounts.

A man was arrested for burning two church buildings in Mormon.


A man was arrested for burning two church buildings in Mormon.

The first fire was in a church building in Upper Riccarton, Christchurch, around 2.15am on 11 March. The Church of Jesus Christ of St Peter used to build the building as a learning center for third level students.

* The police are examining the links between fireplaces at two churches in the South Island
* Two Mormon church buildings struck by suspicious fires
* The church of Mormon church in Christchurch was damaged in a suspicious fire

An inner door blocked much damage by separating it half of the building.

Damaging the church in Greymouth.


Damaging the church in Greymouth.

The second fire at the church's Greymouth building was on 13 March at 2.15am. He destroyed the chapel and damaged the building greatly.

At the time, Sam Bugler, the New Zealand's fire and emergency fire investigator, said the fire was destroyed about half the church.

The church was able to save manuscripts and technological books, but the chapel and kitchen were destroyed.

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