Australian states ask that Wellington Phoenix was present in an A-League

It is understood that Australian state competitions are concerned about the continued presence of Wellington Phoenix in the A-League.


It is understood that Australian state competitions are concerned about the continued presence of Wellington Phoenix in the A-League.

The possibility of an independent non-League being started by the beginning of the next season seems to be extending as an argument and there are considerable philosophical differences between the main stakeholders of the game.

The state players – the organizations that represent the roots of football and the whole of Australia's second level competitions – have given the same accounts as the “grenade hand” at the A-League clubs. their plans to take control of the game's ambitious competition, causing disruption within the clubs, who want to start the process as soon as possible.

The New League Working Group group received submissions from all the organizations involved in the game at the weekend, and a unanimous agreement on how an independent League could look – even if it was a being independent.

"There are a lot of things that the state coordinators have questions about relate not just to the A-League but whether the way in which it is divided would be good in the overall game," t said one well that was familiar with the conversations.

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"There is a time limit for the creation of a second national sector, that the state consortia see promotion and decline as part of that conversation, and the overall question of expansion and who knows who wants to know who is who. going into the league, "said the well.

"Who says that the clubs, which work independently, will run the game better than the FFA? There are lots of questions to be resolved. We should also ask if they have any questions." for running the league which may be examined before descending this guide. "

It is also recognized that the state coordinators have doubts about the continuing presence of Wellington Phoenix in the league: the people of New Zealand have the right to be in the A-League until the end of the next season, but they are no longer there.

The A-League clubs have responded very well to the Kiwis's interest to live as part of the biggest competition in Australia in the future.

But state competitions have questioned why New Zealand club, and the NZ game, benefit from a tune of several million dollars per year in subscriptions from TV broadcast revenue when they are able to t being better spent with other Australian licenses or greater investment. in Australia's wider game.

The issue of payment for the intellectual property of the names of names and the club's logos is also the main point. The premises (now owned by the FFA) are not keen to place high value on their properties (arguing that they are naturally owned) and that hundreds of millions of dollars they have sent together to set up their businesses are to want.

There is a broad consensus that the A-League would be better off moving away from the FFA's overall control, but the arguments about how best to best guide it might again show the distinctions between t the interests of the department within the game.

All the parties had been able to join the idea of ​​an independent A-League over the last two years as the biggest ram they put into Steven Lowy, who opposed it. T the idea of ​​chairing the FFA.

After destroying the old leader, the groups are finding that the old arguments are on how the game can best run still.

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