Buy Guitar Hero Live? You may be able to repay.

Activision offers "potential repayments" for some customers Guitar Hero Live, the catalog of play streak songs was cut to around 10 per cent of its size by the end of 2018 (thus nine times worse than tenth).

The company does not have a & # 39; Given any reasons why a claim form is clearly stated, but it is very clear that Activision is coming to a decision on losing a library that was missing; counting almost 500 songs at the highest level, and as a result of the case – has been rejected less than two weeks ago – the crime. The repayments are not good for those who:

  • Bought Guitar guitar Life in the United States.
  • He bought it between December 1, 2017 and 1 January 2019.
  • Advocacy file before May 1, 2019.

And who had purchased their game, subject to the above conditions, "can be reinforced by Activision." That's a means sending a receipts or a credit card statement to & # 39; showing its appropriate fee. Those who can only register an application can still be activated, and Activision will try to verify whether the purchase is legit. The application form asks an email address and Gamertag or ID online of the platform where they were purchased and played Guitar guitar LifeSouth Westerly

In June 2018, Activision named Guitar Hero TV, the music service to flow Guitar Hero Live, closing in December, leaving her & # 39; game with just 42 songs given over the disk. The 484 Guitar Hero TV song catalog was at the time of the information.

When launched in October 2015, Guitar Hero TV Spotify / Apple Music's mode for managing a catalog, which has abandoned the good DLC Rock Band system and the Guitar Hero games to disappear; A bigger complaint (for one game) could be available for free players. It was assumed that the songs would not be available but long & Activision was supporting him, and the bell was stored for that in December.

Shortly after this release, a Los Angeles attacked Activision against the U.S. District Court, admittedly admittedly and pursued a class action status. Robert Fishel said he bought the game two years after being launched for a $ 22.43 discounted price "to reasonably expect[ing] Activision would not be able to eliminate its capacity on its & # 39; Most of the songs are used.

In a move dated 22 January, Fishel dismissed his voluntarily unresolved case (which means he could again choose the same objections).

Guitar Hero Live released October 20, 2015, on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. He is, as well as Rock Band 4 Producing a play-in play type that sleeps in; winter after 2010 Guitar Hero: Warriors of RockSouth Westerly

But a year later Guitar Hero LiveActivision Blizzard left a number of freeStyleGames based staff in the UK, who improved the game, after advising to investors, Guitar Hero Live sold "lower than expected".

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