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Dancing with the Stars NZ: Total total of 2019

The last three competitors will be involved in membership of Dancing with the Stars this year which was launched. Comedy star Laura Daniel, former Olympian Anne Willcox and former pop star Lee Lee.

The three finalists will join Mike McRoberts and a group of less well known stars who will be competing for this year's competition.

So who is racing before the beginning of the next week? This is a quicker look at the full planet.

Jude Dobson

Perhaps he was less familiar with Gen Z-ers, Jude Dobson was a small screen manager in the 90s, holding Sale of the Century by Steve Parr for over 1000 events. Finally, Dobson went on to host TVNZ 5.30's daily lifestyle presentation by Jude before going on to set up his own production company, specifying content on parenting.

Nadia Lim

The great MasterChef macaron tower disaster 2011 marked the extent that Nadia Lim had risen dramatically. After a race to build a custom-built macaron race, the 25th anniversary victory was won by Jax Hamilton, who put it in second place, halted each other, because of its shaking form. (The rough tower where the Lim was to stand). Lim up continued to win by writing several cookery books and setting up My Food Bag.

Manu Vatuvei

Manu Vatuvei played for New Zealand for 14 seasons, where he broke a number of albums and became the principal examiner. In 2017, he went to Manchester to play with the Salford Red Devils but he had to leave his contract early because of a wounding. We hope he's got back in time to put his dancing shoes on.

William Waiirua

The social media star, William Waiirua, is known for his famous solar eyes and hip-thrusting dance movements, which will undoubtedly be on display during the coming weeks. The untimely name William Cribb, the inspiration, arose after his friend All Black Aaron Smith shared his speech on social media.

Clinton Randell

What is truth competition making that we don't support your own network of star stars? This year, the hospitality provided is Clinton Randell, the breakfast guest, official radio gathering, following on from Roger Farrelly's works, Simon Barnett, Robert Rakete and Jay-Jay Feeney. Here, he hopes his colleague Dom Harvey learned how to live his livelihood lesson, after a crotch gate event in 2015, in which Harvey put a crot image of Chrystal Chenery. who were striving for the title against his wife Jay Jay.

The Osborne Valley

Glen Osbourne has been enjoying a color course. He played for the black players at both the World Rugby Cup (in 1995 and 1999) and later became a sports producer for Māori television and a part-time reporter. In 2016, aged 44, he took up a major role and graduated from Police College. Osborne is currently working in Whanganui as a constable.

Carolyn Taylor

In the late 90s, children may recognize Carolyn Taylor, producer, What Now, where she has been working since 1999-2004. After that she went to Celebrity Treasure Island in 2006, and she now runs a fashion blog, with the title entitled Fashionista Fail. Now there is the spirit.

Walter Neilands

You might not know his name, but you might recognize his face, especially if you were born after the year 2000. Walter Neilands hosted the children's television headquarters Sticky TV from 2010 until he started out. put on display at the end of 2017. Previous deliverers Sticky TV as Kanoa Lloyd and Sam Wallace have gone on to successful TV posts – can DWTS get a big chance from Neilands?

Anna Willcox

Anna Willcox is a starred star who has crossed the sport and television worlds, which has been representing New Zealand internationally, particularly at the 2014 Winter Games. the Sochi. She is also sports reporter for The Crowd Goes Wild.

Laura Daniel

Comedian Laura Daniel is perhaps the most famous member of the team in Jono and Ben, who last year finished the last season. Daniel was also starring in a comedy program Three, Funny Girls by Rose Matafeo, and has written and features his two-hearted, two hearts, by Joseph Moore's live pop-pop project. spinning.


Lee first hit the New Zealand registers in 2001 with an edition of Broken Wings, which was numbered two in single albums, the first of the top ten albums t . The first album was then followed, hitting number four on the albums before a 10-year singer assumed music. In 2012, she returned with a new single, having been switched on, having failed to register and appeared to have completed her role as a recording artist.

Mike McRoberts

It has been announced that Mike McRoberts was trying to get out the dance floor last year after Newshub's co-founder Samantha Hayes received a prize for the disco football. McRoberts was opposed to the idea, according to Hayes, but it was not long until he came round. There was a danger from an earlier knee this year to risk putting the brakes on Mike's quickstep but today he realizes he's expecting a bells – and sequins-on.

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