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Deficit breakdowns due to safety

Laminated electric scales were pulled from Auckland Street and Dunedin regarding their continuing safety concerns.

The Auckland Council leaders today prohibit swimmers' license for a short time and warned the company to rectify safety relief or to lose a regular risk of access to the town.

The leaders of the Council met representatives from the Lime afternoon in the afternoon to discuss safety concerns before they went out.

Dunedin was a great success in the Auckland business and moved on scutch by going to-morrow today.

The results follow a number of recent events, some of which will means that the drops are caused by the wheels on herringers to unwanted closure.

Council chief executive of Auckland, Dean Kimpton, said that he did not know that 155 had been reported on irregular breeding incidents that could be caused by & Unexpected lockbox.

Eighty-two of these were in Auckland. Thereafter, 30 were made due to injury.

Continuing to & # 39; In this definition, Kimpton said Lime's license had been reviewed and arrested over time.

"Transport Mike Michael and Auckland, Shane Ellison, have carefully considered the most appropriate next steps.

"We have been clear by Lime representatives that the equipment used on our transport network must be safe to use," said Kimpton.

"The safety of people who use e-squares and those who share our environment with our number priority. Although we are to appreciate its e-squares resource as an innovative transport solution, safety will not be resolved. "

Lime says they will be performing a platform for a firmware to face a lock of spyware.

The firmware renewal was used 48 times ago.

"Tell us the first data that there is a reduction in unexpected lock, but from an insurance place and as a regulator we must be satisfied that this is true and we are looking at its & # 39 , that case, "said Kimpton.

The frequency of occurrence was given during the test period, because it is related to the event; unexpected lockout case; and will provide full update on progress against its extension extension terms.

Aol has also agreed to report to the council and AT for a 48-hour frequency of all events; and meet weekly with relevant staff to discuss the events program, analyze and respond Limes.

An outdoor group called the Respondent is also introduced to check the firmware computer. It is an international specialist consultant.

Lime and pay for the production review will form part of their contract.

An independent reviewer will have full access to work and Aol data to review its safety guidelines and processes.

A report is due by Monday, then Auckland Council will make a further decision on the temporary suspension.

"Lime has agreed to these conditions and, when we receive this information, we will make an additional decision on whether Lime's permission is allowed to build," said Kimpton.

"Lime was notified today about this decision and we hope they will start to remove their scooters as soon as possible. possible. "

Kimpton said he hoped that all limestone skipper in Auckland would be disabled and carried out within 24 hours.

Kimpton said that his reflection was not dependent on the Auckland Council's opinion on electricians.

"We have been right from the outset that the scientists can be another means of travel that can support what the Council and AG want to achieve in terms of the aims disasters, co2 distributions and several other goals.

"This is a lawsuit.

"We want to solve this. We want an action," said Kimpton.

Chief of Auckland Transport, Shane Ellison, said that if Aol does not provide information that is available, meet AG and the council's allocation, then the license will be maintained.

"The most important thing is that we get the certainty and the confidence that those who use this device are safe," he said.

Advisor Auckland, Christine Fletcher, dismissed all those who were injured as long as he was in. cycling on squirrels.

"It is very uncommon for me to have a temporary permit for Lime Scores to work in Auckland without giving enough insight into the complex safety issues that are involved.

"The responsibility of the responsibility must now be seated by a Caloter Scooter to show the product safety," said Fletcher. "There is now an opportunity to do this without a banned test that can even be hurt more Aucklanders."

In a statement, Lime local general manager for APAC, Anthony Fleo, said the company had recently expanded on a software case that could lock the lock device; front wheel to get involved while it's on a trip.

This case had a significant impact on "Less than one hundred percent per cent" of lime journeys in New Zealand.

"We are grateful to almost all of the recorded injuries that bring little scratches and shoes, but unfortunately there are three statements of breach or badge, and we are have been in contact with all users to offer us the support.

"After being disorganized all scutters in New Zealand later, we began a wide range of research, working with an independent consulting company to help confirm the purpose the problem.

"We have put in place a firmware to solve the resolution of the wheelchair, and we have reduced the content of the number of incidents reported in New Zealand since update updated. "

Although he was unhappy that his advice stopped limestone, restrained his / her; company is sure in the safety of their scutch service.

"We are disturbing our riders and the Auckland community for this matter and the service break. We are still committed to being a safe and reliable last mile and we are confident that we will provide additional information to the City Council in future days back to Auckland streets. "

It is hanging after several e-scooter riders have been injured after the Lime Scots they were in. riding completely locked without warning.

Liam Thompson broke her chest after a similar event, which she saw her flew over her. handlebar and overlooking the top of a & # 39; concrete last week.

Mohsen Ansari was moving Parnell Rise down on a limestone on Tuesday morning when she went to her; lock the face wheel and put it out.

The 40-year-old man got his legs after jumping over his & her; a guide column, taking a few steps and a & # 39; move on the ground.

"I was getting fast and I tried to pull it out of the place where it was just locked up and greatly damaged and put it over.

"I do not know how I got three or four steps disturbed before I fell down and I went on too fast … everyone came out asking me I'm okay. "

The ESOL teacher believes that years of athletics were protected from serious injuries as he was moving into a roll just his eyes, he said.

Ansari was struggling to walk, but her knee had a pain in her left knee, He had to take the day off and visit the hospital.

Following a series of tests, the doctors revealed that they believed he had scrapped his & her; the knee hands.

Earlier, senior representatives of the company based in San Francisco met with today's council officers, who gave them a day to provide information on safety issues following an incident where the front of the litter thresholds were locked.

A spokesman spokesman said he was "recently" aware of his / her operating case; influencing some of the quotes and an investigation was carried out.

"Although the case remains under review, consumer safety is our first priority and the quotes were removed."

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