Departments work on a powerful sale jump, Oboz performance

Departments in Kathmandu Holdings have changed 13 per cent after outdoor clothing and equipment retailers have said that good performance will be achieved from the recent successive business they have received "strong" development in the " first job.

A $ 15.7 million-based Montana Oboz-based Footwear awarded in the three-month completion ended in October, at an overall limit of 39.8 per cent, Kathmandu said today's modernization update.

Oboz continues to meet the operating costs of US $ 7.1m ($ 10.4m) for the 2018 calendar that will block additional employment payments, Kathmandu said.

As well as Oboz, the company's sales in the 15 weeks to November 11 were 8.4 per cent higher on a regular basis of exchange. The sale rose the same stock 6.3 per cent.

The company shares expanded 13 per cent to $ 2.81, and # 39; Giving this year to 16 per cent.

Kathmandu was based in Christchurch to buy Oboz in April for US $ 60m to provide a range of range and extension of geographical distribution.

Their company received about two-thirds of their sales in Australia in the # 39; year through July, with Oboz also adding $ 15.9m to; a total of $ 497.4m. There were 167 Kathmandu sources at its Australian, New Zealand and UK group at that time.

The business will pay an additional US $ 15m if Oboz has to pay; meet the 2018 revenue target.

Chief executive Xavier Simonet said a company is happy to integrate Oboz into the wider group and want the company to continue to go to the company. see its main Kathmandu materials.

"We have achieved a great deal of growth towards the main Christmas season, and we expect its first profit to be over the last year," he said in a statement.

"Usually, our first half year is highly dependent on the summer sales success."

Kathmandu noted that the sale of one stock in Australia was 7.1 per cent, and 5.2 per cent higher in New Zealand.

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