Fountain of youth? Examine that there are new coordinates in plants in plants

Tokyo – In Japan, the slightly bitter leaves of the Ashitaba plant have been well-regarded and healthy, and a new study has found that its traditional credentials may have good scientific reasons.

There is a natural material in the plant; Encourage a major process that helps to remove the "cell pollution" that can be raised as cell ages and its cells. give diseases and disorders.

"It's always a great idea to find a scientific philosophy for traditional medical stories," said Frank Madeo, professor of the Graz University of Graz's Molecular Biosanía Institute.

Madeo, who helped to conduct the search guide, says that the material is called 4,4 & D; -Dimethoxychalcone or DMC, which is a & # 39; naturally occur in Ashitaba plants, and carry out a process called autophagy.

"This is a cleaning and recycling process," said AFP. It will remove "remote material, especially cellulose as common prototypes."

The "cleaning" process is important for a good and stable health when the body is old. When cells have not removed rapidly and effectively damage parts, they can build up and can cause infections such as cancer. There are already many companies that are knowledgeable to scientists who are working to help them; process of cleaning. Recruitment is also likely to naturally stimulate cells to make spring cleansing. But in trying to expand the range of mixes that can protect cells and to prevent cells, turning hands, the researchers turned into a class of materials called flavonoids.

Many flavonoids have already already shown a number of beneficial effects, from anti-inflammatory features to protect against degeneration of brain and cancer.

The team reasoned that they might be able to detect flavonoids that may also help to prevent it from going to & # 39; getting worse in cells.

They wrote 180 companies that represented different sub-sections of flavonoids, and # 39; look for candidates who have the natural potential "to prevent the decline of age-related cells."

After initial dredging, they went into DMC and started by trying to see how cells were in the cell. affect the cells of their effects.

They found that he was really helping to & # 39; protect the cells from the effects of age, and that the material is made as good or even better than some of the companies that are; already exists to protect cell as a reset, which is a happening in wild skin, among other places West-

Then the DMC test team had cells in two worms and fruit flies – general test subjects in medical research.

"Surely, DC's continuous remedy … … stretched the middle life of the two model virtues with around 20 per cent," said the inspection published on Wednesday in a Nature Communications magazine.

Additional tests showed that the company helped to & # 39; Cellular proteins in heart mice through the self-suction process, and even protected against a type of liver damage caused by ethanol suffering.

The team also confirmed the DMC impact on several types of human cells and found that the material slowly worked to grow older.

"The tests show that DMC effects may be given to people, although we need to be careful and wait for clinical trials," said Madeo.

The research is still in the early stages and Madeo said the next steps will include a & # 39; Determining the positive impact of DMC in heart mice expands to protect mice against a & # 39; getting older and age-related diseases.

"At the end, people have to have clinical trials," he said. – AFP

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