Google sneaky iPhone feature with Google

Remember in the Primary school when you sent your friends friends to the girl you liked to? Well now you can have the same mood again when you talk to your iPhone.

The Google Help App on iOS has been unwilling to open a new way for iPhone users to access a digital assistant at its search curator.

The most recent version of Google Affiliate is supporting Siri's Minutes, and as a result iPhone users can now use the voice to ask Google Help to do things – but you need to They are still going through Siri.

In particular, saying something like "Hey Siri, get Google" you can ask Siri to cite Google AI helper and start taking your applications instead, news said.

It is small, not to mention a pretty funny marriage from the two digital assistants, but some users love it.

Google has a more advanced digital compared to Apple, largely thanks to the huge data gang of internet research and consumer data that it collects, so some IOS users are happy to have the option, and better cohesion.

Others think that it is a funny collection of voice supporters; Competition as Google does trying to make a smaller digital helper of a class of iOS devices.

"Hey Siri, rightly, Google tells Cortana to find a Alexa if she was kind to Play Spotify in the kitchen," said one user on Twitter, a & # 39; brings together key assistants from high-tech companies, including Microsoft and Amazon.

If you want to try it, it's just a few minutes to set it up.

After you have updated an Assistant Assistant app on iOS, you have to open the app to set up a short shortcut of Siri for Google Computer. Then fast "Add to Siri" and command command as the "OK Google" or, if you like, something else like "Get Google".

Without all that you need to do. Sending her & # 39; Hello, Siri will then talk to Google Help.

Apple has been running short on this year and it is worth playing. It allows you to register custom phrases to launch special apps or features on your device. Short-term design is designed to improve your workflow and allow you to connect many tasks together, or even create complex algorithms that can be created; You can do it quickly with your voice.


Although Apple is likely to pose a concern about user confidentiality, Google is completely opposed.

As Tech Crunch announces, "Google's Consumer Assistant is still the worst thing when it comes to your privacy."

If it is not already (this may be) the app will allow you to set up "Web and App Action" in your Google Account settings.

This means that a & # 39; Your search history company, browsing history, your site, your credit cards and more.

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