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Kim Kardashian Feelings Babysit Kanye West can't

First time 16, first time Its' Keep up with the Kardashians, on Sunday evening (31 March), t Kanye West and Kim KardashianMarriage of Scotland will be tested as it will have to deal with the incorrect Rhymefest workload on the Donda House, a non-profit organization formed by Ye, Rhymefest and Donnie Smith in 2011. t

In the event, Kim is very frustrated and feels that Rhymefest is abusive with Kanye's friendship. "It'll let all his friends return back then always talking about it," she said to her mother, Kris Jenner, saying, “I can't look at it and that figure out who it is today. For me I could see only care and let people walk over it. ”

"I don't have enough energy for him. It's good. I go out, 'she comes to an end.

For those who are unknown, in May last year, Donda's House Inc. was struggling with money and the target at Rhymefest, which formed the organization, was that Kanye had it. T they left them non-profit as well as Chicago children. This took him away Kim jumped on Twitter and Rhymefest slam for how he managed the money for Donda House and to take advantage of Kanye.

Donda House information from Kanye and Kim by switching to Art of Culture, Inc.

Back to artist KUWTKEventually Kim and Kanye headed onto Rhymefest and allowed him to tell his side of the story. The Grammy award winner said that it had been broken with Kanye without his assistance in promoting Donda House and taking over it. Kanye said he was “going through some chot” as the reason he wasn't close to helping Rhymefest.

In the end, Rhymefest asked his apology for how he handled the situation and the three seemed to be making up.

You can watch Kanye West and Kim Kardashian talking to Rhymefest about their most recent conflicts below.

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