Lost homes, several families went away as Tasman's land in size during the night

There is a huge fire decline near Nelson to destroy houses and many of the families have to go away.

The fire that started on a pigeon afternoon in Pigeon Valley had doubled size during the night and was distributed to cover 1870ha within 20km by 3m boundaries, one – fire and emergency NZ.


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Preserved with south winds over most of the night, the fire has made huge damage from Pigeon Valley to Moutere Inland Road and Waimea West Road.

Over 100 homes were removed or evacuated by people registered with the Civil Defense Center in Wakefield.

People were removed from Eves Valley, Golden Hills Rd, Redwood Valley Rd, Mallings Road and Greenacres Road.

It is possible to know about the possible cleavage for Upper Sunrise and Deep Dale Road in Upper Moutere and Glen Pigeon.

No reports have been made about seriously injured or worse.

There were more than 12 teams who had fought against them; protect as many structures as possible and reduce the burn on grassland.

Buildings were destroyed in the Eve and Valleywood areas during the night. The number and location will be consolidated once the conditions are & # 39; access to the area.

The 12 new teams will undertake their & # 39; Supported in daylight with at least 10 helicopters and 2 airplane flying aircraft based on the ground.

The current weather projection is currently in & # 39; Seeing that there is a light wind coming from the north side at the time, changing from the south to date. Although the temperature is less than recently expected to have a wind; built from the north side when the day goes on. The weather will be converted into the plan for the day

There was a smoke feather that scattered the area when the fire started yesterday afternoon. Picture / provided.
There was a smoke feather that scattered the area when the fire started yesterday afternoon. Picture / provided.

If people left and leave their homes, they will be required to sign up with the Civil Defense Center at St Johns Church, Edwards St in Wakefield and to phone Civil Defense, 03 5437290, to register they have moved and are safe. This is important to ensure everyone is accountable and safe.

If people feel unsafe or uncertain in any way, they will be advised to get rid of them to the Civil Defense Center.

Last night Tasman's Chief Executive, Richard Kempthorne, said the fire was destroyed to the local community.

"It's a bad fire and our forestry is extremely dry and there is strong wind snow that has just been transported through it.

"It has been covering many of the land and it's a very unpleasant fire, and so it's a really attractive place."

Stephen Cox said that the Nelson area has not seen water in more than a month and with dry conditions that winds down; help to burn the fire.

Cox said he had heard the sirens first after 2pm and could only see a small lump of smoke. Now there was a "big ball of smoke".

"[It has been burning] At least two and a half hours … there was only a bit of smoke but since then we have a number of firearms, there are many police vehicles scattered there.

"We did not get water here for weeks and weeks and there is a very strong wind from the west to help the fish."

"There's just a big ball of fog and [water] tankers going there and fire engines. going out there. "

A fire in Glen Pigeon near Nelson has spread overnight to 1870 hectares. Picture / Nelson Week
A fire in Glen Pigeon near Nelson has spread overnight to 1870 hectares. Picture / Nelson Week

A Civil Defense center was opened at St Johns Anglican church, Edwards St, Wakefield to help the evicted.

Speaker for Tasman District Council asks people who have been removed to register at the center to make sure they know where they are going to choose; stay at the center or not.

Updates to the situation will be posted on Tasman Marlborough Fire Facebook page.

Due to high temperatures, dry soil and vegetation, there is a major fire risk in the following areas throughout the country: Northland, Coromandel, Nelson, Marlborough. There is a total fire ban for those areas.

There is also a high fire risk in the following areas and there are fire constraints: Auckland, Hawke Bay, Thurso Bay, North Island, Wairarapa, Southland / Otago and, on January 29, North Christchurch.

If you are in one of these areas and think about burning a fire, go to www.checkitsalright.nz to verify your type of fire and if necessary, add for a fire permit.

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