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Marriage at First Sight recap, program 40: A breakup, red wine and wedding party nomination

It has been six weeks since the remaining five Married by First Sight couples made each other. What is strange, then you only say five days ago.

While Ning and Mark got married, the other four couples fell in love with each other and promised to work outside the trial.

Before we start visiting dinner tonight, we will check every couple of friends back in Sydney.

HEIDI & MIKE: Heidi reminds us that she was one of the four couples they stayed together at the last visit, although she has more interest in Jules and Cam, who are involved!

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JULES & CAM: They are still planning to marry and have moved in together! Jules tells us that she and Cam are going to marry in a year since they first met and that it would be pregnant at a particular time of this year (January 2020).

Can we have shields of Jules and cam to be called with a second marriage?


Can we have shields of Jules and cam to be called with a second marriage?

MARTHA & MICHAEL: We meet with M&M in a hotel room where Martha is blaming her bones. Despite some of the times, these two people are still together and happy.

I don't know how I can brush my hair, never mind this.


I don't know how I can brush my hair, never mind this.

JESS & DAN: Jess says that her relationship with Dan has prospered and that they are better than ever.

We'll go into the hotel rooms of some of the other single partners too.

MELISSA: Mel's best laugh is still in all the trials.

LINK: But still as a cyclist of section 4.

NING: Since they parted, Mark teased and called Ning all the time. She is still interested in him.

She says that she will know that he has been mistaken because he has a beard, because he knows that she combines her hair.

We see the Mark getting ready, but his face is hidden from the camera. Will he have a beard? It's the biggest secret tonight.

ELIZABETH: Lizzie and her 50 necklaces have returned.

She is very bitter about the situation of Sam-Ines, and it seems we have to remember that she does not think we all moved from drama to Jess-Dan's drama. Lizzie-Sam's is feeling what happened in 2007.

As I don't differ in my opinion from The Hills. I don't know who came first.

I try to empty the store of Lovisa.


I try to empty the store of Lovisa.

INES: Ines has a dress with a cardboard, and I'm not sure that I love it or hate it. I'd never been a conflict with my life.

I try to make a robot to Officers.


I try to make a robot to Officers.


The experts return to his dark backdrop, which is protected by four druids and a lion, to look at hours of live films.

The Jules and Cam will be coming first, followed by the Cyrell, Mick and Mel singles. An uneven dream to immediately arrest those single people by the Utopian as their information has to go.

Mick let Cyrell and Mel know that Jess has made the “old Harold Holt” and he set up the relationship between Dan.

Cyrell is extremely difficult to learn. It was mainly because she was accused of falsehood when she tried to take Jess and Dan out to get involved with a few dinner parties back.

Dino, Tamara, Billy and Bronson will be coming.

"Hello a humble mosque," said Bronson, greeting everyone. It still appears in 2008. It is The Mountains still? Does anyone know when The Mountains ready?

Nic's is also. He and Cyrell have remained good at today's terminology. But he is worried about how his wife was now lamenting.

Sam turns up and appears as a beard.

I only have one question: Why?


I only have one question: Why?

"It is about 12," someone's murmurs.

Even Mel's expert agrees. "Exciting choice," she says, lifts were lifted.

Mel, your queen of interesting choices sit beside you for a whole season and she never wanted to comment?

What did Trisha have to do to see all around here? Did you even care about his leather Grease pants? Trisha deserves better.

Sam wants to avoid the drama now, which is a code for: he doesn't want to be awakened at it. You're visiting in the rooms and the richest, friends.

This strategy includes avoiding anyone who has got it as Cyrell, Elizabeth, Bronson, or anyone who celebrates your Australian experience. I might have given clear direction from FM radio guests.

Martha and Michael are coming up, and it's very encouraging for Cyrell, who blames Martha, that she stopped her marriage to Nic.

Cyrell makes her first thoughts "a nose" about Martha. There will be lots more ideas like this during the night.

"The Botox walked in," she continues. She reveals Martha, speaking to Michael – frightening his wife.

Cyrell tells Michael that he is like the shepherd (with his good hair) from Twilight.

Martha is unhappy with this. "If you talk to Cyrell again, I'll lose my share …"

Michael reminds Martha that they have decided to tonight tonight.

"That has changed," said Martha. Michael is not allowed to speak to Cyrell.

Lauren, Ning and Matthew come along.

Ning feels sorry that she is here without Mark on his arm.

When Elizabeth turns, she skips to say "that part of …" which is called Sam.

Susie is here! She holds on Billy and calls on his fake and then falls over on him.

Mike's coming – and he's on his own! Everyone wants to know what has happened and why it's not with Heidi, but it doesn't seem to talk about it – right now.

Mark appears and the beard that we have ever seen.

A cave is likely to be a literal cave. Yay for Ning!

Jules and Cam make a speech, telling everyone that they have engaged.

A European attendant will come and tell everyone that the dinner is ready. But it is a different server. It's not the only one we have got used to. This server is blank.



We are learning this with the permission of an interesting Mark. Mel promises to let everyone know about what happens. Ah, that's ok, Mel. We are cool. Live or tweet or anything.

Heidi and Mike did not speak all night. On the other side of the board they are filling in the others.

"We came to the end," Heidi says to Mel, Mick and Jules.

“We made the last porridge, and told each other that we were in love with each other. I moved everything to the Gold Coast and then it went to the … It was brilliant for two days and then he went to the … And I haven't spoken to it since. "

Mike sits with Martha, Jess and Ines. Jess asks Michael who is wondering why he is wearing his wedding ring. It's a good question, think that they broke up more than five weeks ago.

Martha has noticed that Cyrell is speaking to Michael and is unhappy. Jessie and Martha insure Cyrell.

"Nobody wants you," said Janet about a person, especially. "I'm the cat with the cream. I got what I wanted. I always get what I want."

Even Ines tells Jess quietly. Ines !!!

"Who understood that someone could now be so controversial," Jess continues.

Well, anyone who saw the last quarter of MAFS knew, so unusual, millions of people.

Cyrell is tired, and Lizzie starts to shout about the people who have mocked the experiment.

Lizzie will be trying to make contact with Sam.

"Tonight, I am released from the hook but tomorrow it will want to have been born," Lizzie promised.

She will then start appearing about Jess after her post on a married man.

Jess says to her friends that she wants to "f … lose my … at her face."

Martha says that she is not. "That is very sad," she says.

Michael, on behalf of his wife, informs Cyrell that he will not be a child, and will be arguing.

"I'm not alone with this when I say when it comes to your wife, you don't have balls," Cyrell said. "It won't be too long before it leaves you as well."

Martha says she is going to drink and drink on Cyrell. Ines – again, when Ines voiced the cause? – he asks Martha not to do so.

O no.


O no.

But she is doing it.

Cyrell will chase Martha around her dinner table and throw her own drink at Martha in revenge. Sam, Michael and Mike will try Cyrell back.

The room is in a tower, and it is clear that Michael is happy for his wife. When Martha returns – from a bathroom to try to wash her white dress, she says – she says she is sad.

"The only thing I am most shocked is that she has come to you," Martha says, and Michael understands that she didn't have to fight each other. Especially with red wine.

Martha decides that it will be difficult to say to Cyrell. But before you want to apologize, she explains why The Wine Thing was pushing because Cyrell was pushing her buttons.

'I am so sorry I took it,' will Martha end.

"I wish I didn't. I am as strange as I was involved. It's not me. I am so sorry. T

"If I could bring it back, I'd back it back now. I want it not, but you got under my skin and you will know how to push my buttons and I'll let you know, you have done. "

"I agree with you," Cyrell replied, and the soft music shows that we are going to see a sheriff.

"You pressed your buttons. And you know what Martha is, I just say it now. You are as pointed to your nose, bills and bulb work.

"It is a shame that a plastic surgeon could not get your personality, as that is the best thing of all.

“And you know what you give you red to dress like your dress. Farewell to you. "

So it might be a lot, not so much.

Jules is tired of the drama and wants to change his feelings. She is standing and giving a speech.

"There are lots of things happening at the moment," she's starting, as everyone's struggling.

"I have never made a speech and I have decided that I will do that now. As we all know, I will marry again."

“When you marry someone, you want those people you have seen you've seen you through everything like your heart, and I don't think anyone will understand which experiment did you do if you had not been together.

"So there are two women I want to be my bridegun when I get married. I would like to ask this beautiful wife, Heidi, and Melissa as my bride. T "

Heidi is delighted.

"I'm going to be brides! And I need to walk down the corridor with Jules and Cam and this is just the best thing ever," she says.

Step is rising. "Mike is my favorite," he says.

Just kidding.

Ines has been listening to Sam playing with a victim, while ignoring the whole woman's race by saying things, "There must be a lot of estrogen in the air because it's I feel many of these women are mad. "

She sits beside him and the following, which is difficult to follow but meets at the same time as there will be a chat.

INES: So how do you think the reunion is going out tomorrow?
USA: I'll be fine. We will be fine. We were, honored, our partners and our belongings. Not everyone else had been.
INES: No, but were you right on that at the end?
USA: Yep, 100 per cent.
INES: I'm just getting so dangerous that you were honest while he was
USA: Well, I was. After the first week I decided to leave Elizabeth.
INES: Yes, but I enjoy it.
USA: That's where we're connected. We didn't hit the press.
INES: But did you really feel feelings?
USA: Did you learn some real feelings? Well, I feel that we would have stayed if we did.
INES: Why would you say to me saying, 'I want to be with you;
USA: I didn't say you told that –
INES: So you tell me now, you didn't send a text saying, 'I can see that we are outside the exam;
USA: O at the beginning I thought of that, yeah. And then after all, as honestly, I need to be independent. I am quite independent.

This is where things are interesting. Ines gives the idea of ​​“independent” as a ban, and burns him.

INES: I am independent. No one pays my bills to me. I bought them on my feet, I bought them
USA: That's good.
INES: I buy my own Gucci bag
USA: That's good.
INES: Do you understand me?
USA: What are you doing?
INES: What are you doing? I know what you are doing. I know how you move. I know how you work.
USA: So, I say, when I asked me I could take a lot of time for you –
INES: That's a test that I knew was full of ….
USA: What are you getting angry about? It is not necessary to swear and to continue. You can be professional. You have to rest.
INES: Everyone looks through your bulls …
USA: What are you doing for yourself?
INES: What am I doing? Do you hear yourself? Have you never asked me anything about my value, that you are lies. A piece of scum.

Jess helps Ines out of the city and takes it to another room

"This time I am protected because of the reason he has handled me," Ines tells Jess.

While Jess and Mac are speaking on one board, Mick tells Cyrell about the sound that Jess was supporting Nic.

"I only found out about this a few weeks ago," said Mick.

"Interestingly, she's a body called Nic and said," If it doesn't work out [our partners] do we want to work out? # 39; He said, 'No, I'm married. You are married to Mick. I cannot do this. # 39; And then it was shut down immediately. "

Cyrell promises to come after Janet the next day. Oh, good.

Next time, in the last case of Marriage at First Sight: The reunion special! Will it be a honor or diplomacy? It won't be!

This repetition first appeared on 9Honey and has been reproduced by permission.

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