McDonald's April Fools prank: When you introduce 'fake' burger, but people actually want it

Who loves pickles? Clearly a lot of people.

When McDonald's tthe McPickle, to Instagram, it had more than 16,000 views. Pickle lovers and pickles.

"I'm gonna order 1000," one fan commented.

"Omg it's a burger designed for me."

"I want this now."

"It's perfect."

"Would actually eat this."

Excited pickled. T

Day Fools' Day joke. T

See the humor in it.

"Joke imma be mad," one clearly disappointed pickle. T

"This shouldn't be a joke."

"April fools aaaaahhh pspnn

"I WISH this wasn't the #AprilFool"

"Hahaha as much as. T

"I wish! I'm sure it's the april fools day joke."

Those who are the McPickle menu would not be able to make it happen.

"Pickle lovers," the post read.

"It 's time to get it," he added. T

Okay, maybe not, but if there's one lesson from a pickle.

McDonald's Australia t

"We know Australians have got a lot of love."

Sorry pickle fans.

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