Tuesday , October 22 2019
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Measles Auckland: 16 confirmed cases

A new case of measles in Auckland has increased the number of cases that had confirmed this year to 16.

Auckland Hospital

Auckland Hospital.
Photo: RNZ / Bradley Ambrose

The Auckland Regional Health Service said the new patient, a woman in the middle of Auckland, was set aside.

Health officers followed anyone who had communicated with her.

It is believed that the new case was linked to the others rather than a new abroad or original unknown.

People are asked to investigate their vaccination history, to see if they need MMR vaccine.

About one in 10 people who are treating the measles need hospital treatment. The virus can stay in the air for hours after a person has been coughing and climbing in the area.

Due to risky danger, people with access to measles are being advised not to visit their GP, an emergency department or clinic after hours.

Instead they should stay separate, call their doctor or a free health line on 0800 611 116 for advice and stay at home. They should not go to school, childhood centers, work, sporting events, social events, shopping or using public transport.

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