Penalizations for 2019

The review of the main rules of Supercars pitstop has made changes to the proposed penalties for breach in 2019.

Rule round and reconfiguration regulations have been restored to clarify any green fields.

Hydraulic handbags must have each car currently in place when their car is in the & # 39; His slipper is to make a barrier, to prevent the movement of a back wheel.

Renewal rules have also been introduced to clarify the need to immediately lift their car immediately if it is low before the fuel machine is removed.

Previously, it was a mobile penalty. in a penalty proposed for a rule to be broken either, or a common case equal to equal time.

From this season, the lowest level obtains a 15-second period of time for its service at the next pit pit, or does not have to complete a race finishing time; car.

Adrian Burgess, Head of Motorsport, Motorsport told, said the previous driving goal had been considered too hard.

"According to the technical rule changes that have been put in place to reduce the reduction of spinning wheel, Supercars are in conjunction with the Stewarts to investigate the proposed item for spinning wheel, "said Burgess.

"The 15-second penalty is still a strong penalty when you think our cars are separated by decimals of a second.

"We thought we were a bit out of the kilt because it was too tough. It's a safety penalty and what we've done is below the level The lower, it does not stop the drivers to activate something harder if the break is considered more difficult.

"The penalty is designed to suit the crime."

These are the only changes to the proposed penalty list for 2019.

But a change was made to his judgment, by David Stewart to takes over from Mhìcheal Masi as the new Director of Supercars Vice-determination.

Stewart, who is a sports director and director of Supercars, will take up his role as part of his move to the Sport Motor of Australia Alliance.

Now a Divisional Manager for Safety and Civil Works at CAMS, DRD Stewart responsibilities include the examination of possible incidents and breach of rules.

Following investigation, the DRD proposes to CAMS directors a penalty, or if it considers that no activity is required.

Stewart also oversees Masi as the Running Director for Dunlop Super2 Series, where he has a " opening tour that takes place at Superloop Adelaide 500.

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