Prices Sky TV's slash for its sports service Fan Pass Streaming

Sky TV has reduced the price of the Fan Pass service from $ 100 per month to $ 59 a month.

The Sky Online service offered on channels 1 to 4 is streamed through the Fan Pass website or app.

For those who register for Fan Pass for six months, the maximum price is $ 39 a month (the six-month price is $ 56 a month).

Sky says there are more changes to Fan Pass on the way. The competition is up against a new Spark Sport $ 20 / month Spark competition, which is currently being used to renew Formula races and later this year will be used for football t English Premier League and 2019 World Rugby Cup (with additional expenses still available) along with other sports.

The move back into the Fan Pass price expedition in 2017, when Chief Executive John Fellet feared the service would provide comfort to the traditional Sky satellite industry.

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In a March 21 interview, Martin Stewart offered Sky TV chief executive a criticism of Fan Pass.

He said: "The problem is that we have 12 channels and our partners tied up on Sky Sport.

"Then we shall say, You can't only be on two machines;

"Then we'll say, 'You can't hit it to a big screen.

“And if that's not been enough for sending you away, we make $ 99.99 [a month]. "

Chief Executive of New Sky Sky Martin Stewart. Picture / Jason Oxenham.
Chief Executive of New Sky Sky Martin Stewart. Picture / Jason Oxenham.

Stewart promised to have a Fan Pass app with more attractive prices, the ability to stream content to the big screen TV and much more content, soon – despite his four-week job, he won't be pushed down certainly.

Read more of his introductory interview here.

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