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Among the recent news of Red Reserve CS: the player's Disco Disco Disco Doplan from the group due to contract breaks, later wells in the day, along with many tweets from the Red Reserve player / content creators ; confirm they are out of money.

As of yesterday I finished my contract with a Final Reserve after a bankruptcy from their side. I'll look for a new team in the & # 39; February / March as long as I am working to & # 39; Develop both inside and outside their game. I'm hopeful and I'm happy to see what 2019 is to offer! [email protected]_doplan

Also, in the past news, Red Reserve published that their League League League team had left their contracts out.

As released from our contracts with @RedReserve we are currently volunteer representatives and looking for a group that is a Producing in upcoming events and RLCS Season 7. Our team portfolio is available upon request. We value everyone. [email protected]

DefaultDefaultAfter buying a new owner this last year and being made public on Swedish stock exchange, Red has been seeing a piece in shares.

Battleriff Gaming AB has added a name to LOI which means Battleriff is a "#; its Red Reserve Escape subsidiary sales to a public company, listed on Sietan stock market acquisition, Svenska AB Community Development, "CEAB – Battleriff

Over the last monthly year, Red Reserve stock has declined by 69.07% per market. With Call of Duty's Red Reserve players also tweeted secretary tweets about a group, graphic designer, Ben Gray, his head with Red Reserve.

For people to ask, the only reason why we can not tell you what it is; What is happening now is legal content with our league and our site, but it was made dirty. (This is not done by replacing our place) – @Rated_CODDefaultDefaultDefault

They had been good. Everything is good to come to an end, I'm going to finish it. think. 2 years. – @_bengrey

When asked about the situation of the Red Rescue on the run, the Tommey team agreed to recognize that he does not know the whole situation but said that some of his contracts have come to an end in The Twitch clip that was now deleted with many tweets from staff saying they are leaving from Red S Post-

I'm not sure what's going to happen with @RedReserve but I'll looking for new opportunities in an anchorage. Open for resettlement and there are a variety of different ways and I can add to a company. – @AlexGLogics (Red Reserve COO)

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