Review of Nintendo Labo VR equipment: The Switch doing virtual magic


Nintendo Labo VR.

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What Nintendo put into the world is finally the end of VR here. Yes, it is made from a cardboard. Yes, it's strange. However, it is possible that your comments are within anything you have not previously done.

It is impossible to think about it Google Cardboard They created a Kito Nintendo racquet at Labo VR, which I did over the past week with my 10 and 6-year-old children. Nintendo Labo an array of programming experience is highly versatile by skilled cast artists for the Nintendo Switch, and are completely manufactured from cardboard, rubber bands and plastic grommets.

In a few words, the Nintendo Labo VR Kit handed out Google's software card and combined it with the Switch to create the accuracy of full cards.

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Nintendo Labo VR carried out a revision: a box of magic tricks


Nintendo certainly sat on the sidelines for the last three years as well as Sony, Oculus, Google, Samsung, HTC and others VR large and small. But the company was always connecting in moving ideas. The Nintendo Wii started from 2006 from a pioneer of mobile movement, and what he did Nintendo 3DS with 3D glasses – and even AR. And hey, remember the Virtual Group?

As Nintendo Switch is the most complicated record that could be converted into different formats, it allows Labo to be a version of the low-lying values ​​that affix the Switch can be used in new ways. Labo VR represents the most useful test of all: What if the Switch gave it a VR headset? of course The boundaries of Labo VR. But the concept makes sense, and the better off, that it works so well, because Nintendo has understood the boundaries enough to be planned around them.

Nintendo had a history of magic actually being done previously, including magic clothes for the Nintendo DS cards ago. In a strange way, I understand it now, that's just what Labo VR Kit: a box of magic wizards, a curious wonder.

Nintendo's $ 80 Labo VR equipment costs much more than the relatively cheap Google Cardboard, but it also does six things: glasses, camera, elephant, bird, blaster and foot pedal creating winds. The $ 40 discount pack consists of the gogg and blaster in the pack, and it is a good starting point if you are not ready to take the full diver. You can buy the remaining parts later in $ 20 micropacks, adding to the same total cost.

So what is it like to build a VR, a Nintendo-style? After spending days with my children and picking and playing with him, I can say that it is usually excellent. But it is also flawed, and yes, it includes a ton of cardboard packing, growing very rude. This is what happened.


Camera (camera moving and clicking).

Scott Stein / CNET

We made a camera

After the glasses were formed, which took about 30 minutes to bring, we brought the camera (another time), which contains a jam lens. An underwater game gives me a glimpse of, pulling in and taking photographs of fish. My children were bursting out, and they started screaming about sunfish, sharks and football. I was not as afraid as my 6-year-old as some of the more visible VR experiences over him t Go Oculus however, he had been looking before. The second game contains pictures of a strange creature in a house (mention of something that lived in a cardboard house in the first Labo pack), but we haven't had it until now that.


This is a big flavor.

Scott Stein / CNET

We made a blaster gun

A taste of the bazooka is a big bazooka that goes down the cobbles inside, and it allows you to look around and shoot the black monsters in a variety of railway stages. "It is like the game Metroid in NintendoLand," my ten year old notes. There is a lot of loading and burning (the cardboard card and card details in the back). It feels like an arcade game and the track sometimes gives me a little bit sorry. I'm not wild about burning my kids in games, but it's going to go through the toddler test.


It is a bird's view.

Scott Stein / CNET

We made a strange duck and elephant

Other Labo VR support is from gimmicky. For example, the bird (which looks like a duck that allows you to enter its back?) Is shiny, but it does do all the shields flying. The game you use is like a Pilotwings for birds: You go round an island, make the chicks and collect objects. It is best when the foot is camouflaged, that blows the wind itself through the large board cardboard fan, and creates a wind when you are standing.

But the elephant, which has a stock of rubber band with a foam, is very sharp. Reflective 'stickers' on the "front" and infra red camera on one Joy-Joy administrator, set up a standard management system that allows you to get out and get hold of items. This is similar to parts in a football game of a rabbit or doodling in 3D using an art app. Overall the game feels like a download of Google's VR app. Fortunately, the games know the limit of the governor and are set out in a way that gives the elephant's “short run” away.


The elephant is strange, but the reflective stickers and the SI camera also provide the regulator with an active role for VR.

Sarah Tew / CNET

What is happening to these things now?

One of the first things you have to decide, with Labo, is that you are balancing many things from a board card. Ur children may be broken and if you don't need a huge amount of shelf shelf or a large box to store. And if they are stored away, your children will forget them and are there really any more craps in the home? Labo don't want you to make the representation. You are in for the tour, or you are not. Sorry.


Some of the small games that don't even use a VR, and can be played on the screen, 3D and no goggle.

Sarah Tew / CNET

You could create and create more text, if you are patient

Many of the little eggs in the burial are buried in the Kito VR Kit. Discover department teaches a little about how VR and optics work, and Garage Con-Toy offer a similar composition to other Labo packs (which in theory are almost endless if you understand). the impressive shape of Garage's menus. Another gaming tool (Garage Con Toy-VR) gives access to the re-use or creation of mini arcade games, so there is a lot to do. Nintendo includes 64 fast-paced games to try and can all be recreated and redesigned. This may be the first portrayal of a basic VR design.


Labo Build takes a lot of time to get the step-by-step instructions, but it's explained clearly.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Constraints? of course

The Switch has a low resolution 720p screen and so when used for VR the display pixels are very large and few white. Its battery life is very short (under 3 hours) and so its controllers are not designed for VR, so that they save it. , they are difficult to use at times.

Everything that Labo VR has created is made without head-strips, so you have to keep the heavy, goggles-plus-Switch on your face, which really tired. for more than 5 minutes, and sometimes a fair display is displayed. The reason for the delay is also known as delay. The Labo VR software encourages players to relax every minute, and I agree. Then, again, my children were both playing for a long time and wanted to go.

The Switch uses his knock and move devices to allow the turning of a head (called 3DoF in VR circles), which means that you don't stand around or walk around . This is good news as it hinders the ability to rest and sit or just make it easier to do. But the controls have to move to be re-registered sometimes, when you need to submit the switch on a flat surface to the middle. This is not good and is just another example of how the Switch is not done as well for VR.

Some of the VR controls can also pass through it. The goggles have a tab zone that allows you to double the card chart to select objects, just like Google Cardboard with the single button. By introducing a small open part of the screen close to the strip section of the apps, but it is not immediately obvious. Joy-Con regulators must be swallowed into the charitable devices that are Labo VR and require large-scale connection and removal. Patient parents and older children want to boil the best geese for this.


Google Cardboard (left), meet Nintendo Labo VR Kit (right). Follow cardboard to Google Daydream. What does Labo VR bring forward to …?

Sarah Tew / CNET

This could be the first step for Nintendo to VR, with more to come?

I asked my eldest son, who worked for Labo a year ago, to judge the time with Labo VR. He said he was in love with him, but noticed that the pixels were a little too big. Maybe there is a new Switch, recommended it, with smaller pixels and a new controller, that it could get better from a full VR headset?

Enough, I was thinking about the same. The Nintendo Switch is 2 years old. A new show with a better presentation and a printer and controllers could deal with VR in more determined ways. After all, the future Oculus Quest that is done directly in a mobile game system on its own.

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Nintendo Labo VR: this truth gets …


Would Nintendo follow that idea? Perhaps. Super Mario Odyssey and A story of Zelda: Breath an Ear who is Get new information we work with Labo VR. I haven't yet played these features, but I think they are very limited (too, you had to keep Labo VR for your face and play a game), t again very tired.

But the real issue remains if Labo VR is the hallmark of Nintendo preparing for the next wave of VR hard. The Switch is not a good device for VR. An anti-escalator is a form of difficulty that is more likely to be an innovative set of 3D spectacles than to get out of VR's full experience. move. But he is working well to pass. It shows that VR games could lead to wild Nintendo ideas.

Then, again, VR may be kept as an exam, which is just like Labo VR. Yes, it's a novel, a weekend of plating and cracking with a little surprise. But we had a lot of good work going on, and my children were excited about everything (fighting over the VR goggles, fascinated by the games and the world, and t to be more suited to find out more. t This is, after all, what Nintendo's best thing is always to: be weird and fun. Labo VR is not perfect, and no, it's not your next earphone for VR. But it gave me a weekend I can remember. And I think my children feel the same way.

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