Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review – a unique story with unsatisfactory action

FromSoftware is famous for making difficult games like this Dark Souls and Blood hidden, but the first hours of the latest offer, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twicewhich is not, of course. You are sure that you will die several times learning to find out about the fighting and fighting systems of the game, but the problem is not as strong as possible.

And then you meet Chained Ogre, the first little adventure and a real challenge t Sekiro, and it looks like a dick of a rubble wall in the middle of a race track. At least 50 times the grandson is easy to shake. Or its serious hate attacks, which banish health or pass you over a cliff edge to a bottom pit. The Chained Ogre is a true bastard.

Finally, though, you start to learn its patterns. You may even be withdrawing and building a new useful army in another area. And then, the Chained Ogre is down for the count. You'll feel very happy with yourself … until you run into the real boss of the area, a starred samurai standing at a fast-paced black steed, and the whole process starts again.

There's a 39; Sweeney there were hard games, but after you found it easier to get a bad security first, t Sekiro it opens up the problem to a lot easier. Although FromSoftware games may be punished by closing and visiting other players, SekiroCombat Combat Commands on the subject of demands. To be seen in the present day.

The opportunity to be fully invasive and to set up a death explosion feels like it is less than either with most enemies. That window means that you are hit by a violent and often violent attack, and many enemy attacks are just a stop.

It won't be possible to restart from one death at least enough to make the problem worse. Not only is that for your character (the katana wolf) to come back from the death alone to get to the front of another enemy who will knock it down well and return you to the scene around end.

Sekiro The isn't the time you enter Sweeney series either. Death means that we have lost half of your next skills point and half of your money (called Sen). There is a chance that these things will happen to you after each death (called Unseen Aid), but the chance of that happening is reduced by every failure of a system called Dragonrot, which gives t could affect the NPCan and its need to be cured from time to time.

With only one armor, trustworthy katana, the best bet for success in fighting often is Madness's proud objects and arms. In total, ten men are struggling to work, with the ability to take fire to teleportation, and they all work with a tree of great skills.

The higher level of difficulty you finally feel makes you a better player, but how you can get more abilities and fight more, Sekiro you don't feel easy or close to something as the “normal” problem for most action games.

Although many deaths are easy to blame (for you didn't understand a pattern or made it too early), a good number of deaths feel free. As noted before, sometimes you will rebuild it straight to a fatal attack.

These are posing questions, yes Sekiro request for perfection, sometimes it does not work as planned. A number of times in boss battles can click on a button to make a big attack, but to avoid anything.

The ultimate goal of this challenge is a remarkable feeling of achievement and relief when a leader is affected after twelve attempts, but is seen to Sekiro A certain level of masochism is needed to the end of the end. The game seems to be even killing off part of the game Sweeney He is loyal to an enormous problem, and it is almost impossible to recommend to unusual or those suspected.

That is unfortunate in that, since Software, we have created a very jolly picture of feudal Japan. SekiroThe related world, with many intentions, struggles with anything the previous developer has created. And though the enemies could be brutal, their visual portraits are breathtaking.

It has to be said that the process of entering the same leader repeatedly, striving to feel that another attempt is having one long-term effect, is having a long-lasting impact. time, which is not always pleasant.

If so Sekiro being a samurai film, it would be among the best, with strong cutcene music, moody music, high-pitched voice-overs (available in English and Japan), and a superb story. But as a game, it is difficult not to want to be a pardon.

3.5 / 5

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